3 Ways to Enhance Your Coffee Machine with a Water Softener

For many people coffee is more than a mere beverage, it’s almost a way of life. Good quality coffee can be expensive when purchased every day, and it can be classed as a luxury purchase. For this reason, some people purchase a coffee machine to use at home and to prepare drinks for the road. Some of these more elaborate coffee machines can command a high price in exchange for their superior performance. In order to feed these machines, it’s necessary to provide good quality coffee and water. Sadly, it’s all too common for coffee lovers to focus on the former and neglect the latter entirely. In this article, we will attempt to redress this balance and show three ways that a water softener can enhance your home coffee making experience. 3 Ways to Enhance Your Coffee Machine with a Water Softener

1. A Buildup of Chemicals 

There are chemicals found in hard water that will have an adverse effect on your coffee making activities. The two main culprits are calcium and magnesium, both of these chemicals can damage water using appliances. Coffee making machines, in particular, are susceptible to a buildup of chemicals because they operate at high temperatures. Over time, these chemicals will cause blockages and impair the machine’s performance. At first, you may notice that the machine takes longer to brew the coffee and more frequent cleaning may be required. 

2. Improving the Taste of Your Coffee 

If you’re a true coffee aficionado, it’s a fair bet that you spend a significant amount of money to get your favorite blends or beans. All true coffee drinkers know that both the taste and aroma of the coffee are an intrinsic part of the coffee drinking experience. When you drink coffee that’s made with hard water, it will impair the flavor significantly. Using a water softener will improve both your water quality and the flavor of your coffee. Many people notice that the real taste of their coffee is revealed when they make the switch to using a water softening system. Your favorite coffee will taste cleaner and closer to the beverage that you first fell in love with. 

3. The Economic Considerations 

As we mentioned earlier, a good quality coffee machine can represent a significant investment. Over time, they can save a dedicated coffee drinker a lot of money by providing a cheaper coffee fix that can be made at home. These savings can be offset if the coffee maker has to be replaced on a frequent basis. We’ve all heard of planned obsolescence, but we will assume here that the coffee maker is a good quality unit and that the manufacturer is dedicated to providing an excellent machine. Even with those protections in place, a very good coffee making machine can easily be damaged if it’s used with hard water. A good coffee maker should last you at least five years, and if it needs to be replaced more often, you could have a problem with your hard water supply.

By Terry Reeh, EcoWater Systems of Nebraska. 

With more than 25 years experience in the residential and commercial water treatment space, Terry is a WQA (Water Quality Association) certified water specialist, LEVEL 3, as well as a WQA certified sales representative.  Terry currently sits on EcoWater Systems (a Berkshire Hathaway Company) national Peers committee, as a water treatment expert advising other water professionals with less experience on best trade and technology practices. EcoWater Systems of Nebraska is one of the biggest water treatment and water delivery businesses in the state.  



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