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It all began almost a half-century ago in Fremont, Nebraska, when Alan Reeh, a service technician for a local Miracle Water dealership, struck out on his own and opened the doors to LINDSAY SOFT WATER CO OF NEBRASKA in the very same spot where our corporate headquarters stand today.

Walt Stienke, who owned his own water treatment business in Norfolk, joined Alan’s start-up in 1965 and the two built and ran the dealership together for more than 30 years.  Alan’s nephew, Terry Reeh, came aboard in 1990 to help transform today’s EcoWater Systems into Nebraska’s premier water treatment company with 5 locations throughout the state.

“If almost half a century of success in the water business teaches you anything… it’s offer the BEST technology on the market and treat each and every customer the way you would want to be treated… the rest will take care of itself.”

Terry Reeh (Partner)

More than a marketing slogan, this has been EcoWater’s driving philosophy since long before Terry fully took over the reins from his founding uncle more than two decades ago.  Under his guidance, the company’s experience, knowledge, and products have become unrivaled, as the operation has flourished into not only the premier Problem Water Specialist in Nebraska, but one of the top 10 EcoWater dealers in the nation!

THE Problem Water Specialists for your home and business.

EcoWater’s highly skilled, factory-trained, water service specialists are unsurpassed.  Their passion for service is unmatched in its professionalism and efficiency, while the field water service specialists have both the knowledge and experience to accurately diagnose virtually any problem and repair it quickly.

When you call EcoWater Systems, you will speak with a trained customer service representative who will assist you in setting up your service call, installation and deliveries.  For specialized technical support, they will direct your call to the appropriate technical personnel to answer all of your questions and assist you in a professional, courteous manner.

What the best Science, Products and People…mean to YOU.

From a modest 800-square foot facility in 1963 to a ¼ of a city block headquarters today, EcoWater Systems now boasts multiple, state-of-the-art, fully computerized warehousing facilities for procurement of bulk purchasing, ultimately reducing costs for customers.

Not just where we do business, but where we live.

With strong community roots, this is not just a place we work in, but also a place we live in.  In fact, EcoWater is a member of every local Chamber of Commerce where it operates, as well as a member of MOBA (Metro Omaha Builders Association) and a member of the Nebraska Home Builders Association and Contractors Association.

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    The Clear Solution for almost 50 years.
    Good water is in “our blood.” EcoWater has a near five-decade, family track record of solving most of the residential and commercial water issues in Nebraska.
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    Customer satisfaction is more than a slogan at EcoWater. It is a fundamental part of our belief system in everything we do.
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    When you need it. We’ve got it! EcoWater Systems maintains a state-of-the-art, fully automated and computerized warehouse to provide you parts and components fast.
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    LIVE customer service. No phone trees, no answering machines. EcoWater Systems is committed to providing not just the best quality products to your home and business, but the best service on the market.
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    Do it right ONCE! In the end... it's the PEOPLE.
    Accomplished machinist with exceptional mechanical skills, bring years of engineering experience to the design and installation of every Water treatment system. Our WQA certified professionals are highly trained, licensed water conditioning installers.
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    Do you know what’s coming out of your tap?
    We do, and you and your family deserve better water. Keeping on top of the newest water treatment technologies, EcoWater has the right solution for you.



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