Water Treatment Services in Blair, NE

EcoWater Nebraska, providing for the water needs of Blair, NE for over half a century.


Named after the John Insley Blair, the railroad magnate, Blair Nebraska was established in 1869 when the Sioux City and Pacific Railroad decided to cross the Missouri river at that specific location. Over 1,000 acres were purchased by Blair and the town was quickly established as his namesake, to support the growing population. The town now has the Memorial Community Hospital and, as it is the county seat, there is also a courthouse.

Blair, Nebraska is situated on the Eastern edge of Nebraska and has a community of approximately 8,000 over an area of 5.51 square miles.

In 1884, the predominantly Danish community raised over $3,000 to establish a school, which was the forerunner of Dana College. This community growth established a need for a proper city water system, which was put into place. In order to improve drainage on the southern side of the town, the South Creek was straightened when men with hand shovels dug out the creek bed. With both the river and the railroad, Blair prospered with a number of industries including a mill producing livestock feed and Maintop flour, a foundry, patent medicines laboratory and a plant producing poultry incubators. Throughout the years, Blair has been home to a seed corn plant, a publishing house, a canning company and a spark plug manufacturing plant.

Today, Blair has a modern shopping center and a progressive business district. There are schools and colleges, a golf course, spacious parks and a municipal airport. The natural beauty of the area has been enhanced by careful landscaping into the existing state arboretum system.

As nice as life in Blair NE can be for the local residents, the Missouri river and chlorine from the municipal metropolitan supply can create a number of issues.

Thankfully EcoWater Nebraska, with its corporate headquarters in nearby Fremont, is equipped to solve any and all residential and commercial water problems in Blair. In fact, EcoWater Nebraska serves the whole state from five distinct locations including Omaha, Norfolk, Columbus and Grand Island providing installation of best-in-class water filtration systems to counteract the most challenging local problem water issues native to each specific  area water including greater Blair, Fremont, Tekamah/Herman, Wahoo, West Point and Valley.

From Missouri River hard water to clothing, fixture and sink staining caused by high iron water levels in the groundwater, EcoWater Nebraska has an unparalleled track record of successfully resolving myriad of municipal and well water issues including high nitrate levels from pesticide runoff, and animal waste chlorine removal from municipal water treatment,  high TDS, bad taste and bad odor like rotten egg smell caused by hydrogen sulphide.

EcoWater Nebraska’s premier factory service and repair center is considered among the best in the state, offering emergency repair and service for a number of water filtration systems and water softeners including  EcoWater systems, Addie, Autotrol, Fleck, Sears, Benson, Kinetico, WaterBoss, Rayne Soft, Rainsoft, Soft Water,  Microline, Lindsay, Hellenbrand, Water Care, Clack, Sears, Lakeland, Whirlpool, Culligan, Rainy, Water Right and Lindsay.

Contact us to resolve your water issues including commercial and residential delivery of drinking water in Blair, Fremont, Tekamah/Herman, Wahoo, West Point and Valley or any of our locations in Fremont, Columbus, Grand Island, Norfolk and Omaha. We can also assist with point of use R.O coolers. With over fifty years of water treatment in Nebraska, our water professionals would be delighted to help you find the right solution for your home or business.

Call EcoWater Nebraska at 1-888-ECOWATER (326-9283) for residential and commercial water filtration services as well as drinking water solutions in Blair, Fremont, Wahoo, West Point, Valley, Tekamah / Herman area or click here for immediate service or water delivery.

Water Treatment Services in Blair, NE

Downtown Blair, Nebraska: Washington Street
Photo credit: Ammodramus

Water Treatment Services in Missouri-River-floods

Missouri River floods, Blair bridge 2011
Photo credit: US Army Corps of Engineers (Omaha)



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