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Named after the American explorer, politician and General John C. FrémontFremont Nebraska has its roots in agriculture.  Although industrial sectors, from metal fabrication to telecom, abound,  Fremont is first and foremost an agribusiness town with a skyline punctuated by grain silos and elevators as well as home to world famous Hormel (the maker of SPAM), which is the largest employer in the area.

Situated in the Eastern section of Nebraska, Fremont is a community of roughly 27,000 and the county seat of Dodge County, covering an 8.85 square mile flat area lying in the plains between the Platte and Elkhorn rivers.

A major overland route for emigrant settlers heading West from the 1830s to the 1860s, the area saw a great deal of travel due to the Mormon Trail, which passed along the North bank of the Platte River.

Today, a century and a half later, EcoWater Nebraska, one of the oldest water filtration and water treatment companies in the entire state of Nebraska, can claim its origins from the very same town of Fremont, going back to the early sixties when Alan Reeh, a service tech for the local Miracle Water dealership, took the plunge and went out on his own, opening what was called back in 1963 LINDSAY SOFT WATER CO OF NEBRASKA.

More than 50 years later, in the very same spot Alan set up shop, EcoWater Nebraska’s corporate headquarters stand serving all of Nebraska from 5 locations, installing only the best-in-class water filtration systems and reverse osmosis to deal with the challenging water issues native to the area throughout Fremont, Blair, Wahoo, West Point, Valley, Tekamah / Herman.  From Hard Water to fixture, sink and clothes staining Trace Iron issues, as well as Nitrates from human, animal waste and pesticide run off common in this agricultural region, EcoWater Nebraska has a track record of unparalleld success in resolving a broad spectrum of well and municipal water issues including High hardness, high chlorine, High TDS, bad taste and bad smell (Rotten egg smell).

EcoWater Nebraska’s PREMIER factory authorized service and repair center is considered the best in Nebraska, offering emergency repair on a wide variety of water filtration systems as well as water softeners of all makes and models including EcoWater Systems, Addie, Autotrol, Fleck, Sears, Benson, Kinetico, WaterBoss, Rayne Soft, Rainsoft, Soft Water, Micorline, Lindsay, Hellenbrand, Water Care, Clack, Sears, Lakeland, Whirlpool, Culligan, Rainy,  Water Right and Lindsay.

Call us to solve your hard water needs including point of use R.O. coolers as well as commercial and residential drinking water delivery in Fremont, Blair, Wahoo, West Point, Valley, Tekamah / Herman or anywhere throughout Nebraska from our four convenient locations in Norfolk,  Columbus,  Omaha and Grand Island.

EcoWater Nebraska’s water professionals have more than fifty years of Nebraska water treatment knowhow and have the training to help homeowners throughout the state navigate the complexities of selecting the most effective water filtration solution for home or business.

Call EcoWater Nebraska at 1-888-ECOWATER (326-9283) for residential and commercial water filtration services as well as drinking water solutions and Water Softener in Fremont, Blair, Wahoo, West Point, Valley, Tekamah / Herman area or click here for immediate service or water delivery.


Downtown Fremont Main st and 3rd
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Dodge County Courthouse
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