Water Treatment Services in Gretna, NE

EcoWater Systems of Nebraska, Resolving Gretna, NE Water Problems for five decades.  

LINDSAY SOFT WATER CO OF NEBRASKA, aka EcoWater Nebraska, has been solving Gretna’s most demanding hard water, high TDS, iron and nitrate issues since the sixties.

As Nebraska’s premier water treatment specialist and the foremost expert in difficult well water problems typically found in Gretna, NE, Lindsay Soft Water has grown from a small dealership in Fremont to EcoWater Systems of Nebraska, which today comprises 5 locations statewide, and in Iowa.

Call EcoWater of Nebraska at 1-888-ECOWATER (326-9283) for immediate assistance with your residential or commercial water filtration system, or drinking water needs in Gretna NE, Omaha, Council Bluffs IA, Glenwood IA, Bellevue,  Papillion NE or click here for water delivery service.


Treating Gretna, NE’s 25 grain Hard Water, High TDS, Iron (Rusty) and Nitrate well water.

EcoWater Systems of Nebraska has consistently demonstrated the expertise to resolve all hard water problems from high calcium and magnesium mineral content deposits (such as limestone, chalk and dolomite) to high nitrate levels from agricultural animal waste and pesticide runoff.  EcoWater Systems of Nebraska has also been providing, for more than 50 years, top tier, state-of-the-art water filtration systems specifically designed to address rust causing high iron levels, affecting clothing, fixtures and sinks as well as high TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), commonly found in the greater Gretna NE area.

Eliminating TDS from Gretna, NE’s well water

Total dissolved solids are a combination of everything dissolved in your water. High TDS in drinking water is hard on your body to process and your kidneys are left doing the heavy lifting.  In short: The less TDS in your drinking water, the better.  Although certain naturally occurring TDS arise from the weathering and dissolution of rocks and soils, total dissolved solids are typically due to agricultural and residential runoff, leaching of soil contamination and discharge from industrial or sewage treatment plants.   Chemical constituents are typically calcium, phosphates, nitrates, sodium, potassium and chloride, which are all found in nutrient, storm/rain and snow runoff. More unusual and dangerous elements of TDS are pesticides arising from surface ground runoff in agricultural areas.   Offering only the best-of-breed water filtration systems, EcoWater Systems of Nebraska successfully eliminates or dramatically reduces high TDS with the HERO 375 Reverse Osmosis System or the EcoWater Whole Home Solution, both GUARANTEED to give you great tasting, low TDS, drinking water.

EcoWater Systems of Nebraska, removing Iron from Gretna, NE well water

If you live in Gretna, NE you know first hand that iron can leave rust stains on sinks, tubs, toilets, clothing and linens.  It can also, in some circumstances, form scale and clog plumbing and water using appliances while making water turn brown as well as smell and taste bad.  Iron or rusty water is created when ground water passes through iron-bearing rocks, but it’s important to know that iron comes in various forms. Frequently water treatment companies and BIG BOX retailers will recommend a water softener as a one size fits all solution. That may or may not be the correct remedy.  In actual fact, the only iron that is removed by the water softening process is iron in the Fe2 or “ferrous” form, but if the iron is bonded with microorganisms, also known as “bound” iron, a water softener will have virtually no effect in solving the problem. The only way to implement the correct solution is through the testing of the actual water, which must be done at the site, because once the water becomes exposed to air, it will change form. pH is one of the most critical elements in controlling the effectiveness of the equipment used for iron reduction.

Eliminating Nitrates from Gretna, NE’s well water

Although indispensable for plant growth and frequently added to the soil for field crops to improve productivity, rain or irrigation running through that same soil carries the dissolved nitrate with it to ground water. Nitrates are a naturally occurring form of nitrogen, which is exceptionally mobile in H2O. Consumption of water, high in nitrates, inhibits the oxygen carrying capacity in red blood cells, and is potentially harmful. EcoWater Systems of Nebraska’s technology of choice, for a whole house solution, is an EcoWater ESS 1000 XR32 with a specialty resin. This unit regenerates with salt (like a water softener), but the specialty resin removes nitrates.  For more limited, point of use applications, EcoWater’s advanced ERO375 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis System is ideally suited for your kitchen water supply in providing outstanding drinking water.

Contact EcoWater Systems of Nebraska today 1-888-ECOWATER (326-9283) to help resolve all your most challenging well water issues in Gretna, NE or to order delivery of commercial and residential bottled drinking water in Gretna, Glenwood, IA, Council Bluffs, IA, Omaha, Bellevue and Papillion. 

EcoWater Systems of Nebraska can also assist you with your point of use R.O. cooler needs.  With over 50 years of water treatment experience in Nebraska, our team of well water treatment experts is ready to solve any problem or drinking water issue you may have in Gretna.

Final Barrier, Drinking Water Solutions, Filtration and Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) installation in Gretna, NE.  

A Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) Water Drinking System in your home or business is referred to as a FINAL BARRIER system because it is the FINAL form of protection from the impurities in your water supply. R.O. systems can be easily installed under your kitchen sink or added as larger systems for your whole home or business, allowing you to enjoy virtually contaminant-free water. If you wish to retain the natural minerals found in water, you can also opt for the EPS 1000 which, while removing all pathogens, will retain the natural minerals important to health.

At EcoWater Systems of Nebraska we install only the best under sink Reverse Osmosis system in the United States, The EcoWater HERO 375 and ERO 375 by EcoWater Systems, the world leader in residential water treatment technology and a Berkshire Hathaway Company.   

For larger home water consumption, or light commercial and business applications, POUs or POINT OF USE COOLERS, also known as BottleLESS water coolers, provide nearly unlimited, healthy “bottle quality” drinking water without the pain of lifting heavy jugs. These mini “water treatment factories” could save you money over what you are spending now for your store bought bottled water for your home or business.

In addition to installing new Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water systems or POINT OF USE COOLERS, we also replace existing systems that no longer perform to factory specs. If you are trying to decide between repairing or replacing your system in Gretna, NE we can help you determine the most cost–effective solution with an honest assessment. Call us and find out. 

Problem Water Specialists not just for your home, but for your Gretna, NE business too

Gretna’s untreated water can be hard not only on your home, but on your business’ bottom line as well.  In fact, hard water minerals build up in your plumbing and equipment, restricting flow while reducing heat transfer in water heaters.  These water hardness issues turn into higher expenditures, making your business less profitable.

Additionally, labor for maintenance, repairs, as well as premature replacement of plumbing fixtures and higher energy operating costs, are typically associated with hard water.

EcoWater Systems of Nebraska is unsurpassed in determining what areas of your enterprise can be run more economically by improving the quality of your water, ultimately saving you hard dollars while eliminating your hard water problem.  Whether it is full System Engineering or simply Iron removal, EcoWater Systems of Nebraska is the specialist in Gretna, NE for your commercial water treatment needs. Our professionals are always available to help you find the right solution for your business with extremely cost-effective products, engineering and service.

Contact EcoWater Systems of Nebraska today to help resolve your most challenging water issues as well as ordering delivery of commercial and residential bottled drinking water in Gretna, NE, Omaha, Glenwood, IA, Bellevue and Papillion.  We can also assist you with your point of use (POU) R.O. cooler needs.  With over 50 years of water treatment experience in the Gretna, NE area, our team of water treatment professionals is ready to solve any drinking water issues you may have.

Water Filtration and Water Softening Repair in Gretna, NE

Considered among the best in the state, EcoWater Systems of Nebraska factory authorized service facilities, offer emergency repair services for most water filtration systems and water softeners.  In addition to all EcoWater Systems products, we also service Lindsay, Sears, WaterBoss, Whirlpool, Kinetico, Rayne Water, Rainsoft, Lakeland, Fleck, Microline, Rainy, Water Right, Addie, Autotrol, Culligan, Benson, Clack, Hellenbrand, Soft Water and Water Care.

Contact EcoWater Nebraska today to help resolve your most challenging water issues as well as ordering delivery of commercial and residential drinking water in Gretna NE, Council Bluffs IA, Omaha, Glenwood, IA, Bellevue, and Papillion.

EcoWater Nebraska and Gretna, NE

The original 19th century village, that today is Gretna, incorporated on July 10, 1889. Named by the earliest settlers, after their native Scotland’s Gretna Green, the town came into being after the Burlington Railroad built a line between Omaha and Ashland in August of 1886. The beginning of the village of Gretna with its brand new laid rail line was the death knell for the nearby trading post of Forest City, which had existed since 1856.


Gretna’s Meat Market circa1895.
Photo by Hughes, G. photographer [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons




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