Water Treatment Services in Tekamah, NE

EcoWater Nebraska, Using Over Fifty Years of Experience to Serve Tekamah’s Water Needs as well as nearby Herman’s.


Founded in 1854, Tekamah has been surrounded by an air of mystery ever since. The unconventional name was established with a draw of the early settler suggestions. The name Tekamah was the first one drawn and some believe this name, offered by William Byers, was an Indian translation of the phrase “big cottonwoods” which refer to the large trees which grew all over the territory and along the Tekamah creek. However, others believe that this name is a translation of “bloody battlefield” from the Arabic language referring to the Indian tribes fighting with settlers in the Tekamah valley.

Tekamah is located in Eastern Nebraska and is in the county seat of Burt County. The town covers an area of 1.3 square miles and is home to approximately 1700 people. The town is bisected by the meandering Tekamah creek, which is a tributary of Logan Creek.  Nearby by Herman is a village in Washington CountyNebraska with a population of less than 300.

The history of Tekamah is associated with the founding of Burt County. The town stood alone until after the civil war, when settlers began establishing homesteads to the west. The town built up with a weekly mail route which provided service between Tekamah and Omaha, but it was the Omaha and North Western Railroad reaching Tekamah in 1876, which allowed the town to flourish.

Today, modern day Tekamah is filled with history and culture. There is a museum and some fantastic examples of nineteenth-century architecture. However, the town is still upgrading the water supply infrastructure and many residents rely on well water for their supplies, which can lead to a number of water issues including common problems such as very high water hardness.

Fortunately, EcoWater Nebraska services Tekamah / Herman from its Fremont service center, providing installation and maintenance services of its best-in-class water filtration systems designed to address Tekamah / Herman’s challenging 30 grains High hardness well water, BAD TASTING water, high TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), hydrogen sulfide water (smelly rotten egg sulfur in the farming areas), Nitrates from human and animal waste as well as agricultural pesticides and farming / livestock and WATER issues as a result of OLD DISTRIBUTION SYSTEMS

EcoWater Nebraska is also one of the largest providers of bottled water and POC (Point of Use Coolers) in Nebraska with an unmatched track record of resolving all well water and municipal water problems in the greater Tekamah / Herman area as well as Blair, Fremont, Wahoo and Valley.

Our factory service and repair center offers emergency service for a wide range of water softeners and water filtration systems including  EcoWater systems, Lindsay, Lakeland, Whirlpool, Culligan, Addie, Autotrol, Hellenbrand, Water Care, Clack, Sears, Fleck, Benson, Kinetico, WaterBoss, Rayne Soft, Rainsoft, Soft Water, Microline, Rainy, Water Right and Lindsay.

Contact us to correct any water issues including commercial and residential delivery of drinking water in Tekamah/Herman, Fremont, Wahoo, Blair, Valley and West Point or anywhere in Nebraska from our locations in Fremont, Omaha, Norfolk, Grand Island and Columbus. We can also assist with point of use R.O coolers. With over fifty years of water treatment experience in Nebraska, our team of water professional would be delighted to help you.

Call EcoWater Nebraska today at 1-888-ECOWATER (326-9283) for residential or commercial water filtration services as well as drinking water solutions in Tekamah / Herman, West Point, Blair, Fremont, Wahoo, Valley, area or click here for immediate service or water delivery.

Water Treatment Services in Tekamah, NE

Downtown Tekamah, Nebraska
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