Water Treatment Services in West Point, NE

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Originally named New Philadelphia by the Nebraska Settlement Association in 1857, West Point was soon renamed due to its location as the most western outpost in the Elkhorn Valley. Over the years, the city has been home to a feed mill, foundry, a match company, a creamery, a furniture manufacturer and a soda company.

West Point, covering an area of roughly 2.7 square miles on the east Elkhorn River bank, is situated on the Eastern edge of Nebraska with a community of approximately 3,300 people and is county seat of Cuming County,

The growth of West Point was rather modest until the arrival of the railroad in 1870. The line had regular runs between Missouri Valley, Iowa and West Point via the Sioux City and Pacific Railway. However, the railroad era abruptly ended during the 1980s when many areas of track were washed out by heavy rains between Hooper and Norfolk. This proved to be not economically viable to repair, forcing the discontinuation of the line. The old depot is now a museum for the Historical Society of Cuming County.

Today, West Point is well known across the state for their livestock exhibitions, but there are a lot of community activities for residents and visitors, including baseball, musicals and horse shows. However, the old water distribution system, agricultural activity and high levels of water hardness can create drinking water issues for residents.

Fortunately, EcoWater Nebraska services the entire state of Nebraska from five locations locations including Fremont, Omaha, Norfolk, Columbus and Grand Island, providing installation and maintenance services of for the best-in-class water filtration systems on the market to tackle the challenging water treatment issues that are native to West Point such as  HIGH Hardness from well water,  BAD TASTE, high TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), Iron /Rusty water, hydrogen sulfide (smelly rotten egg sulfur in the farming areas), Nitrates from human and animal waste as well as agricultural pesticides and farming / livestock, CITY WATER issues as a result of OLD DISTRIBUTION SYSTEMS, BOIL NOTICES – many small towns still do not chlorinate their water).

EcoWater Nebraska is also one of the largest providers of bottled water and POC (Point of Use Coolers) in the entire state.  EcoWater Nebraska has an unparalleled record of successfully resolving all the potential well water and municipal water problems in the greater West Point area as well as Blair, Fremont, Tekamah/Herman, Wahoo, and Valley.

Our premier factory service and repair center is considered among the best in all of Nebraska, offering emergency service for a host of water softeners and water filtration systems including  EcoWater systems, Addie, Autotrol, Hellenbrand, Water Care, Clack, Sears, Fleck, Benson, Kinetico, WaterBoss, Rayne Soft, Rainsoft, Soft Water,  Microline, Lindsay, Lakeland, Whirlpool, Culligan, Rainy, Water Right and Lindsay.

Contact us to help resolve your water issues including commercial and residential delivery of drinking water in West Point , Blair, Fremont, Tekamah/Herman, Wahoo, and Valley or any of our locations in Fremont, Columbus, Grand Island, Norfolk and Omaha. We can also assist with point of use R.O coolers. With over five decades of water treatment in Nebraska, our water professionals would are there to help you find the right solution for your home or business.

Call EcoWater Nebraska today at 1-888-ECOWATER (326-9283) for residential or commercial water filtration services as well as drinking water solutions in West Point, Blair, Fremont, Wahoo, Valley, Tekamah / Herman area or click here for immediate service or water delivery.

Water Treatment Services in West Point, NE

Wimmer’s plant in West Point, Nebraska.
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