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    The Clear Solution for almost 50 years.
    Good water is in “our blood.” EcoWater has a near five-decade, family track record of solving most of the residential and commercial water issues in Nebraska.
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    Customer satisfaction is more than a slogan at EcoWater. It is a fundamental part of our belief system in everything we do.
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    When you need it. We’ve got it! EcoWater Systems maintains a state-of-the-art, fully automated and computerized warehouse to provide you parts and components fast.
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    LIVE customer service. No phone trees, no answering machines. EcoWater Systems is committed to providing not just the best quality products to your home and business, but the best service on the market.
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    Do it right ONCE! In the end... it's the PEOPLE.
    Accomplished machinist with exceptional mechanical skills, bring years of engineering experience to the design and installation of every Water treatment system. Our WQA certified professionals are highly trained, licensed water conditioning installers.
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    Do you know what’s coming out of your tap?
    We do, and you and your family deserve better water. Keeping on top of the newest water treatment technologies, EcoWater has the right solution for you.



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