Point of Use Coolers

THE 21st century “bottle-le$$” H2O solution for your home or office.

Imagine bottled water without the heavy bottles!  Now stop imagining.  EcoWater carries Oasis, Pure Water Technology and Innowave®, the best point-of-use water cooler brands on the market.

Environmentally Friendly, Bottle Quality, Water at Your Finger Tips

Point-of-use systems are like bottled water coolers, but with one significant difference:  NO bottles!  This state-of-the-art technology offers a virtually never-ending supply of pristine “bottle quality” drinking water without the inconvenience of lifting and storing heavy, bulky jugs!

With Oasis, Pure Water Technology and Innowave® coolers it’s like having your own mini-water bottling plant.  It is not only more convenient, but generally more economical than bottled water for volume consumption and requires minimal maintenance.  All three lines come in a variety of attractive finishes, complementing even the nicest décor.  Now water faucets have child safety switches and our coolers offer more readily available hot water than comparable units, so your coffee, tea or soup will be steaming.

Unlimited water for one flat fee, and no bottles to lug around.  EVER. 

Eliminate the hassle, cost and wasted space of buying and storing bottles.  EcoWater Systems can provide your home or office with a complete, turnkey “bottle-free” leasing package, including the system installation and maintenance to ensure its safe and proper operation, all for a low monthly FLAT fee.

Commercial grade water coolers made of polycarbonate and designed for easy cleanup are available in two models:

  • The Hot and Cold Model – Two-faucet cooler supplying cold and hot water.  The hot water faucet provides water at 180 degrees, for soup, tea, instant coffee and hot chocolate.
  • The Cold and Room Temperature Model – Two-faucet cooler supplying cold and room temperature water.  This cooler is great for refreshing cold drinking water and cooking.

An EcoWater “Bottle-le$$” system is the ideal addition to your workplace or home for providing pure, eco-friendly drinking water to your co-workers or family.

For more information on our Point-of-Use coolers, please call us at 1-888-ECOWATER or contact us.

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