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FAQs if You’re Unsure About Soft Water

If you’ve been living in a home with hard water for years, it can be difficult to imagine how much a water softener can improve your quality of life. Many homeowners find themselves on the fence, wondering whether it is worth investing in a water treatment system. […]

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Why Does Soft Water Feel Slippery?

With more than 25 years experience in the residential and commercial water treatment space, Terry is a WQA (Water Quality Association) certified water specialist, LEVEL 3, as well as a WQA certified sales representative.  Terry currently sits on EcoWater Systems (a Berkshire Hathaway Company) national Peers committee, as a […]

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The effect of Soft Water in Septic Systems

The effect of Soft Water in Septic Systems   Water that has been softened through an ion exchange process has a higher salt content than hard water. This simple fact has led to misinformation being published again and again about the effects of increased salt content on […]

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