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7 Advantages of Swapping Your Cooler for a Water Filter

Running a business can be expensive in the current economic climate, and any way to save money is welcomed. In addition to saving money, a smart employer will want to provide good quality water to keep their clients and employees hydrated. Well hydrated employees have better cognitive […]

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Looking to Make Home Improvements? Consider a Water Filter

A whole house water filter can offer the solution for a myriad of issues throughout your home. From improving the taste and quality of your water to prolonging the lifespan of your appliances and pipes to improving your health, installing a system is a solid investment in […]

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Take Care Before Buying Water Filters Online

These days, it appears that you can buy anything online, but this may not be the case when looking at water filters. Many consumers assume that buying a water filter is as simple as ordering their groceries, but there are actually far more variables involved in choosing […]

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Water Filter Pitchers: PROS and CONS

Water Filter Pitchers: PROS and CONS   Water filter pitchers have become a very popular consumer item in many households, and are easily bought in supermarkets, grocery stores, online and at any BIG BOX outlet. These devices are designed to conveniently sit in your refrigerator and typically […]

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