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Do You Have Refreshing Drinking Water?

A cold, tall glass of water is considered to be one of the most natural forms of refreshment. Unfortunately, not all drinking water tastes great, and if your drinking water is distasteful, it will fail to have that refreshing quality. Whether your water has a bad smell […]

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What Salt Should You Use in a Water Softener

Whether you’ve just purchased a water softener or have been using one for a while, once you notice the salt in the brine tank has started to run low, you’ll be faced with a decision of what salt should be used to refill it. When you start […]

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Why is Salt Needed for Your Water Softener?

Water softeners use “ion exchange” to remove the minerals from your water. Ions are atoms with a positive or negative charge. If you remember high school chemistry classes, you’ll know that opposites attract and this is why salt is needed for your water softener.  Softener Resin  Manganese, […]

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Three Reasons to Rent a Water Softener

If you have hard water, it is logical to consider installing a water softener, but you may not know whether it is a good idea to buy or rent a unit. This decision needs to be based on more than how long you’ll be living at your […]

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Five Things to Check When Your Water Feels Hard Even With Your Water Softener?

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A Basic Guide to Caring For Your New RO System

Reverse Osmosis water treatment systems have become increasingly popular for domestic applications in recent years. These devices can provide an effective solution for some of the toughest water contaminants including lead, chlorine and other heavy metals. While these systems are extremely powerful, they still need some care […]

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Why Do You Need to Winterize Your Water Softener?

Freezing temperatures can be a problem around the home, but one appliance that is often neglected is the water softener. Unfortunately, water softeners can be vulnerable to freezing, since they are in contact with water. So if you are in a low temperature climate or have your […]

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Five Features to Look For On Your New Water Softener

Whether you’ve just moved into a new home and discovered you need to address the hard water or you are looking to replace an existing device, the marketplace is packed with water softener systems. This can make choosing a new unit a little intimidating, so here are […]

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Are You Still Getting Spotting With an Installed Water Softener?

Many people have made the decision to establish a better quality of water for their homes. One of the best ways to do this is to install a water softener/water conditioner to remove the hardness in their water supply. This helps to remove minerals that cause a […]

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Indications Your Water Softener is Not Properly Functioning

Like every other appliance in your home, a water softener/ water conditioner has a limited lifespan and may not always do what is should. If your device has stopped softening water, you may have an alarm that shows on your device, but even if your system does […]

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