If you’re unimpressed by the standard of your clothes after washing it’s time to think about installing a laundry water softener to use with your washing machine. When you use hard water to wash clothes, they may still feel dirty even after washing at higher temperatures. Clothes can easily be ruined, more detergent is needed, more energy is required, and the useful lifespan of your washing machine will be shortened. In short, hard water is bad for your laundry in many ways, let’s look at three reasons why you should install a laundry water softener.

  1. Protecting Your Clothes

When you wash your clothes, it’s a more involved process than simply throwing them in a machine, adding the detergent and pressing a couple of buttons. These steps are all required, but there is more going on behind the scenes, and hard water can have a real impact on the effectiveness of the washing process.

Hard water is caused by elevated quantities of dissolved water hardening minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, and iron. None of these minerals are well suited to the washing process, and they even actively hinder it. These hard minerals prevent the detergent from mixing with the water to make a washing solution and this results in the formation of soap scum.

This chalky white substance is then left behind on your clothes after washing making them feel dirty, dull and discolored. People with sensitive skin may notice irritation when they wear clothes washed in hard water.

  1. The Prevention of Water Damage

When soap scum is created, it can have a real effect on the cleanliness of the water in your washing machine. The hard water minerals will gradually build up inside your machine, and over time its ability to wash and the energy efficiency will be compromised.

Because hard water minerals retard the ability of the detergent to mix with water, it will result in poor washing performance. Many people attempt to compensate for this by adding more detergent to get their clothes clean. This may seem logical, but it will not have much of an effect, and even more detergent may be added.

Adding more detergent will simply create even larger quantities of soap scum. So, by attempting to get cleaner clothes by adding extra detergent, the washing machine lifespan is significantly shortened.

  1. Saving Money

Anyone that’s purchased a washing machine recently will know that they are an expensive item. So, it makes good sense to get the most out of them and keep them running as long as possible. Using softened water will prevent soap scum from damaging the washing machine and extend its useful lifespan.

Also, when you start to use softened water for laundry, you will notice that you can use less detergent and wash at lower temperatures. This will save money on detergent and lower your energy bill at the same time. All of these savings will not compromise the washing performance; instead, you will notice that your clothes are cleaner, softer and the colors more vibrant.

Your local water treatment company  can guide you through the appropriate water treatment options.

By EcoWater Systems.
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