We all get older, this is a fact of life, but to a certain extent, we have some control over how well we deal with aging. Many people resort to invasive surgical procedures or expensive cosmetic products to “stay young,” but effective hydration could be the key to aging gracefully. Making a decision to drink cleaner and healthier filtered water will make anyone feel healthier, but it also has other benefits that can really boost your anti-aging efforts. In this article, we will look at three ways that hydration can help you to age gracefully and stay healthy.

  1. Younger Looking Skin

There are a vast number of anti-aging and cosmetic products on the market to cover the signs of aging. But, correct hydration can provide a solution to this problem that goes far deeper than simply skin deep. Well hydrated skin is better able to heal the wrinkles and lines that our skin develops as we age, and this makes skin look naturally younger. When our bodies are dehydrated, the moisture is directed to maintaining bodily functions and healing wounds. This is a survival mode, the skin is not a priority, and this will make your skin look drawn and tired. If the water intake is increased, the skin is plumped up, and this fills out any lines making your skin look fresh and younger.

  1. Softer Skin and Hair

Aging affects the condition and texture of our skin and hair, making them feel dry and brittle. A major contributing factor is a reduction in the level of sebum produced by our bodies as we age. Sebum is a natural lubricant that we need if we are going to counteract the effects of aging. We can boost the production of sebum by consuming a diet that’s rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and omega three fatty acids. But, we also need a correct level of hydration to deliver the sebum throughout our bodies to improve the condition of our hair and skin. It’s also important to realize that exposing our skin and hair to hard water can also have a dramatic effect. Hard water contains elevated levels of minerals such as calcium and magnesium that are left behind after the water evaporates. The best place to observe this is on plumbing fixtures or shower stalls where hard water spots of minerals can be seen. This material is left on our skin to clog our pores, and it dries in our hair, making it feel dry, limp, and lifeless. Switching to soft water will make your skin feel smoother, and your hair will be silky and easier to manage.

  1. Managing Weight Gains

As we age, weight gain can become a problem; we simply cannot eat like we did as teens as our metabolism is often slower. But, proper hydration can help you to maintain a healthy weight by making you feel fuller and by helping you to burn fat. The lean muscle in our bodies is made up of approximately 74% water, and we need this muscle to help us burn fat efficiently. So, when you engage in any exercise, it’s important to be hydrated before, during, and after exercise to get the best fat burning results.

As you can see, proper hydration can help anyone to age gracefully and stay healthy. But, it’s important to drink good quality water that’s fresh, healthy, and free from contaminants. The best way to get the best quality drinking water is to install a water treatment system at home. If you want to know more, contact your local WQA certified water treatment specialist for expert help and advice.

By EcoWater Systems.
EcoWater Systems of Nebraska is the largest water treatment company in the state and is a member of Water Quality Association.