Water affects almost every aspect of daily life, and while we all know drinking water is important, your home’s water easily goes beyond this basic point. Water has a significant impact on how your clothing looks and feels, your plumbing fixtures and even your dishes. So, here we’ll look at 5 home water problems that require a fix. 

Laundry Issues 

Hard water and water contaminants can be very damaging to your clothing and linens. When the calcium and magnesium ions present in hard water react with soap, they create soap scum. This scum attaches to fabric fibers, not only creating a yellow or gray appearance, but compromising their lifespan and durability. Fortunately, a water softener can remove these minerals from your water and not allow this damaging scum to be formed. 

Kitchen Problems 

Water is an excellent solvent, but this means that it picks up impurities easily. When we drink or cook with water, we are not only consuming the water, but also any contaminant in the water. Water often contains TDS or Total Dissolved Solids, which includes salts, metals or minerals that are dissolved in the water. High TDS can affect the appearance and taste of your water. It can also be a health concern if your water contains lead, chlorine, arsenic or nitrates. An RO system or drinking water system can eliminate TDS to make your water safe to cook with and drink.  

Bathroom Struggles 

If you have white spots on your faucet, a gray ring around the bath or discoloration in your toilet, there is a good chance that you’re having bathroom struggles with hard water. Hard water minerals can cling to surfaces, causing staining, with red stains from iron being particularly stubborn. A whole house filter or water softener can have an immediate effect to deal with these problems.  

Hair and Skin Traumas 

Research has shown that hard water can trigger eczema and skin irritation. Hard water minerals cause the skin to dry out, and since it also impairs soap foaming, it can cause you to use more shower gel, shampoo, and soaps that can leave a film on your hair and skin. You may notice that your hair feels dull and your skin feels irritated, but a water softener or whole house filter can alleviate these issues. 

Plumbing and Appliance Repairs 

Poor quality water can allow scale to accumulate inside washing machines, ice makers, dishwashers, water heaters and pipes that can lead to repair issues. Appliances and pipes can become clogged, and the scale accumulation compromises efficiency, forcing appliances to work harder. Hard water has been shown to decrease appliance efficiency and compromise their lifespan. You can protect your plumbing and appliances with a whole house system or water softener.  

If you have concerns that your water quality is causing issues around your home, you should speak to a water treatment specialist. An experienced and fully WQA certified professional can assess your water quality and recommend treatment devices and systems that meet or possibly exceed the industry standards.

With more than 25 years experience in the residential and commercial water treatment space, Terry is a WQA (Water Quality Association) certified water specialist, LEVEL 3, as well as a WQA certified sales representative.  Terry currently sits on EcoWater Systems (a Berkshire Hathaway Company) national Peers committee, as a water treatment expert advising other water professionals with less experience on best trade and technology practices. EcoWater Systems of Nebraska is one of the biggest water treatment and water delivery businesses in the state.