If you’re showering in poor quality water that has a chlorine odor, hard water minerals, and other contaminants in it, this can be a miserable experience. It’s hard to feel truly clean, your skin may be dry, every day is a “bad hair day” and you may feel itchy. This is a common problem and one inexpensive DIY solution is to install a simple shower filter. In this article, we will examine shower filters in more detail to see if they are a viable long-term solution to these problems.

What is a Shower Head Filter?

As the name suggests, this is a specialized shower head that you screw onto your existing shower fitting. These units come in a number of different styles, sizes, and colors and they are easy to install. A good shower head filter can remove unpleasant chlorine odors, limit the extent of hair damage, and help to alleviate dry skin issues. These shower heads typically have a filter cartridge that needs to be replaced every six months to remain effective. But, a shower head filter cannot remove most contaminants or the dissolved minerals that make water hard. Most people choose a shower head filter because they offer some relief at a low price point. But, after installation, it soon becomes clear that they don’t address water quality issues to any great degree.

Softening vs Filtering

There are many small and large scale filtration systems that don’t offer much in terms of water softening. Filtration and softening are separate processes that are designed to deal with a different set of problems. A water softener cannot remove harmful contaminants and a water filtration system will not soften the water. If you’re concerned about water contamination and hard water, it may be necessary to install multiple water treatment systems.

What are the Alternatives?

A whole-home water filtration system can provide exceptionally clean water to every tap and plumbing fixture in the home. So, you will have cleaner water for drinking, cooking, food prep, laundry, showering, cleaning and any other water related task. This is great news because some contaminants can be absorbed through the skin. But, as we mentioned above this filtration system will not solve any hard water problems.

If you suffer from hard water you’re not alone, approximately 85% of American homes receive water that is categorized as hard or very hard. The most reliable solution is an ion-exchange water softener that removes the dissolved minerals and exchanges them with salt ions. This improves the performance and efficiency of water using appliances and it protects the plumbing system against scale buildup. Showering in soft water is a refreshing experience, your skin and hair will feel truly clean, and dry skin issues often clear up quickly. As an added bonus, water lathers easily so you won’t need much soap, shampoo, or detergent and it doesn’t cause soap scum.

If you want a lasting solution to your water quality problems, contact your local water treatment specialist today.

By EcoWater Systems.
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