Yes is the short answer to this question, but let’s clarify why to ensure that you understand the importance. Let’s face it; a water softener costs money, and you made an investment in improving the water quality in your home, so it makes sense to protect it. A modern water softener doesn’t need much in the way of maintenance, keep the brine tank clear and adding the water softener salt when needed is usually enough. But, the majority of water softener manufacturers do recommend that their systems are serviced annually to maintain optimal performance. Let’s take a look at why servicing is so necessary and how it will help you to keep your water softer and easier to use.

Some Essential Maintenance

A good quality water softener will work well without expert attention for most of the time. But, a water softener does have some moving parts and o-ring seals that can wear over time and they will fail eventually. The water softener valve also needs an annual service to help maintain the performance. If your water professional finds a potential issue, they will inform you, and you can decide to replace the part before it fails.

Upkeep and Cleaning

Even though it’s relatively simple to keep the brine tank clear, some people are nervous about the process. When you get an annual service, the water treatment professional will address any salt bridging issues that you may have in your brine tank, and they will carry out some cleaning. The resin bed will be cleaned and recharged to ensure that it is ready to remove the water hardening minerals. If necessary, the entire system will be sanitized to ensure that you get peak performance from your water softener.

Optimizing the Water Softener Settings

An annual service is the best time to get a technician to check your water softener valve settings. When the valve settings are optimized, you will save money on your water bills. An adjustment is usually needed after a change has occurred in the home; for example, this could be a child that’s left the nest. This may mean that the home needs less water and your water softener could be regenerating far too often. Many modern water softeners do regenerate automatically based on the volume of water used, and this does not require a manual valve adjustment.

Protect Your Investment

A water softener represents a significant investment in the water quality for your home. It will protect your water using appliances and reduce the amount of soap and detergent used in your home. This all adds up and it makes sense to protect your water softener and prolong its useful lifespan with a regular annual service.

Understand the Warning Signs

If your water still feel hard after you added salt to the water softener you probably have a maintenance problem and a service is needed. Sudden changes to the water quality, such as water spots and white deposits on plumbing fixtures is a sure sign that your water softener has stopped working. Get in touch with your local water treatment professional and ask them about an annual service for your equipment.

By EcoWater Systems.
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