In these challenging economic times, many homeowners look for ways to save cash and reduce the running costs of their home. Although pinching a few pennies may be possible by upgrading to energy efficient appliances, real savings could actually relate to your water.

Water is crucial in every home; it is needed for bathing, washing, and using appliances. Unfortunately, when you have hard water, you’re likely to be paying more than necessary. Therefore, softening your water could allow you to enjoy significant savings, providing a variety of benefits.

Saving on Detergent Costs

Many of us give very little thought to the soaps, shampoo, detergents, and cleaning products we put in our grocery cart. In fact, you may not have realized how much you spend on these products in an average month. So, switching to soft water could provide a pleasant surprise to your bank balance. Soft water has been proven to work effectively with less detergent or soap for washing laundry, dishes, and even your hair and body. Since the minerals in hard water are removed, there is nothing to interfere with the detergent’s ability to lather, so you will naturally use less of these products. In most cases, you’re likely to find your dishes and laundry look and feel cleaner using less soap. You may also notice improvements to your skin and hair, so you won’t need to keep buying expensive creams and lotions to keep your skin feeling soft.

Energy Bill Reduction

Research has highlighted that it is possible to wash clothes at a lower temperature and achieve similar or better results using soft water. Soft water supplies allow you to wash clothes in 60 degree wash cycles rather than 100 degrees. This will contribute to some significant energy savings in even a short time. Additionally, as there is less chance of limescale accumulation inside your appliances and heater, they will retain their original efficiency ratings for longer. This optimum energy efficiency performance will ensure you don’t waste energy every time you use one of your appliances.

Increased Appliance Lifespan

Buying a new appliance can be costly, so it is incredibly frustrating when your appliance breaks down prematurely. Fortunately, when you have a soft water supply, there is less chance of limescale accumulating inside your water using appliances. Since a limescale buildup will force your appliance to work harder for longer to reach the same performance level, it can contribute to compromised appliance lifespans. So swapping to softened water will increase appliance lifespans, it can save you money as you won’t need to buy replacements prematurely.

Reduced Need for Emergency Plumbers

Hard water buildup not only compromises your appliances, but it can also clog up your pipes, restricting the water flow and slowing down drains. Additionally, the use of larger quantities of soaps and detergents can increase sticky residues inside pipes, leading to blockages. Using softened water can help to maintain proper water flow and reduce the chances of a blockage occurring. So, you’ll be less likely to need to spend money calling out an emergency plumber.

Although it may seem like a costly expense, investing in a water softener will provide immeasurable savings and convenience around your home. Not only is softened water nicer on your clothes, dishes, skin, and hair, but it can also add up to some serious savings.

By EcoWater Systems.
EcoWater Systems of Nebraska is the largest water treatment company in the state and is a member of Water Quality Association.