If you’re looking for any type of contractor to work in and around your home, it is crucial that you choose one who will offer the highest level of customer service. This is especially true for water treatment contractors, who can make the difference between great tasting, clean water, and contaminated water that causes issues around your home. So, here are some things to help you make a smart choice when looking for your water treatment contractor.

They Schedule a Meeting at Your Home

There are some significant advantages to meeting a potential contractor in person. The most obvious is that you get to meet them and ensure that you feel comfortable with them. This is crucial as they will have access to your home and will be making changes, so you need to have complete confidence they are genuine and reputable. The other significant advantage is that the contractor will have the opportunity to see where they will be working. A meeting in your home can be combined with an inspection, so the contractor can provide a precise estimate without any nasty surprises.

They Provide a Detailed Estimate

As we’ve touched on above, a good water treatment contractor will provide you with a detailed estimate. This will ensure that you obtain an estimate for the work and any permits required to complete the project. According to the FTC, a good contractor will not only know what permits will be required, but will also ensure that they are obtained before starting work.

The Estimate Makes Sense

According to experts, it is crucial to get multiple estimates to make an informed hiring decision. This will allow you to compare estimates and see how the companies bill out. Typically, materials should be approximately 40% of the total estimate, and there should be a profit margin of 15 to 20%. You should be able to look at the contractor estimates and see a clear indication of what is and is not included.

You’re Presented With A Contract

These days, it is not a good idea to go on a word and a handshake deal. Whatever you agree with a contractor should always be detailed in writing. Without this, you will have no assurance that the work will be completed as discussed and on the agreed upon schedule. A contract provides a signed document that you can use in case of any disputes or disagreements. A good contractor will not need to be reminded about the importance of a contract and will readily provide one for any project.

They Have Proper Licensing and Insurance

You should never work with any contractors that don’t have a valid license and appropriate insurance. Even the best contractors can have things go wrong, and valid licensing and insurance ensures that there is adequate financial protection and responsibility in place.

They Have Excellent References

Finally, be sure to ask for references. A reputable contractor will have references for projects similar to your own, so you can get a good idea that they have the skills and expertise to complete the work. You can also check for references and reviews online, just be sure to look for any unprofessional comments such as failing to complete the work on time or unreasonably changing prices.

By EcoWater Systems.
EcoWater Systems of Nebraska is the largest water treatment company in the state and is a member of Water Quality Association.