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Offering effective solutions for Municipal Hard Water and chlorine, as well as high TDS, high hardness, iron, nitrates and rotten egg smell for Lexington, NE's rural areas.

EcoWater Systems of Nebraska specializes in municipal and rural well water issues and has been offering treatment solutions for Lexington, NE’s most challenging hardness and chlorine municipal water in addition to high TDS, hydrogen sulfide problems, high hardness, iron, and nitrates issues for Lexington, NE’s rural areas.

EcoWater Systems of Nebraska offers unrivaled technical capabilities, particularly in managing the high hardness levels created by magnesium and calcium deposits, bad tasting and smelly water caused by hydrogen sulfide, high nitrate levels, high Total Dissolved Solids, and high iron levels, which are common throughout the rural areas of Lexington, NE.

As the final barrier protection of Lexington, NE’s well water supplies is the responsibility of the property owner, EcoWater Systems of Nebraska can provide you with best in class solutions including innovative final barrier protection devices to address the water issues typically found in your rural well water.

Eliminating Hard Water from Lexington, NE Municipal Water

Hard water is extremely common throughout Lexington, NE and EcoWater Systems of Nebraska has over 50 years of experience and expertise in successfully correcting hard water issues, providing consumers with best in class filtration systems specifically designed to address even Lexington, NE’s high hardness. EcoWater Systems can eliminate the magnesium and calcium deposits native to Lexington NE’s municipal water supplies that may be clogging up your appliances and creating plumbing problems inside your home. EcoWater Systems of Nebraska Lexington’s regional service center serves the water problems for Hastings, Kearney, Aurora, and Gothenburg.

Eliminating Rusty Water and Iron from Lexington, NE's well water.

EcoWater Systems of Nebraska also has an unrivaled track record that spans over fifty years for addressing the water problems associated with high iron levels. A high iron content is often exhibited as rusty colored water. This is created when groundwater passes through any formations of iron bearing rock. Residents of the Lexington area are likely to have already experienced the rust colored staining that appears on sinks, toilets, bathtubs, clothing, and linens because of a high iron content of the water.

When iron particles are dissolved in your water, it can also contribute to the formation of scale, which can clog up pipes and compromise the efficiency of all your water using appliances. Unfortunately, there is more than just one type of iron problem. This diversity means the “one size fits all” systems generally recommended by many of the big box water treatment brands may not provide the right solution for your specific water quality issues. Most models of water softening device will only eliminate the “ferrous” or Fe2 forms of iron. Also, when the iron particles bond with any microorganisms present in the water, there will be virtually no improvement in your water quality using this type of treatment system. Fortunately, EcoWater Systems of Nebraska will offer you tailored solutions to eliminate the iron from your rural well water supply.

Reducing TDS from Water Supplies in Lexington, NE

Total Dissolved Solids or “TDS” is the term that is used to measure all the dissolved particles present in your water. A high TDS level in drinking water supplies can make it increasingly difficult for the human body processing the fluid, as the kidneys are forced to filter out greater amounts of impurities. EcoWater Systems of Nebraska offers the best treatment solutions and a variety of water filtration systems to tackle even the most challenging TDS water issues, which are native to Lexington, NE. EcoWater Systems has over five decades of expertise and experience in significantly reducing or even completely eliminating high TDS. EcoWater Systems Whole House Solutions will guarantee you can enjoy excellent tasting and low TDS drinking water. 

Eliminating Hydrogen Sulfide Water Problems in Lexington, NE

If you notice a rotten egg smell in your water, it is likely to be due to the presence of hydrogen sulfide gas. Hydrogen sulfide water problems are common in rural wells in the Lexington region. When dissolved hydrogen gas is present in water, it causes bad odors and a cloudy appearance. Also, the presence of any dissolved gas can be aggressive on your plumbing system, creating excessive wear and tear on the components such as valves, washers, and seats. EcoWater Systems of Nebraska employs a myriad of proprietary protocols to ensure that hydrogen sulfide gas is completely eliminated from your water supply.  

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Reducing Nitrate Levels From the Well Water in Lexington, NE

Lexington, NE, and the surrounding areas are particularly prone to issues with nitrate in the water supplies. Nitrate is a naturally occurring type of nitrogen that has water mobility. Nitrogen is an essential nutrient for plant growth, and therefore will often be added to the soil to boost field crop productivity. Unfortunately, irrigation and rain pass through the treated soil, and this allows dissolved nitrate to travel into groundwater supplies. Nitrate levels in drinking water can inhibit the capacity of red blood cells to carry oxygen in the human body. This can be particularly harmful to infants, small children, and vulnerable adults. There are specialty filters that can safely eliminate any traces of nitrates from drinking water to ensure that it not only excellent tasting, but is safe for the entire family. 

Water Specialists for Lexington, NE's Businesses

Water issues can create a massive impact on any company’s bottom line. Deposits of minerals from a hard water supply can accumulate inside plumbing systems and any water using commercial equipment, restricting water flow and reducing heat transfer. High hardness leads to higher operating costs, reducing your profit as labor costs and the need for maintenance is increased. Additionally, your business will need to face the financial burden of replacing fixtures and equipment prematurely, and deal with the higher energy expenses associated with untreated hard water.

EcoWater Systems of Nebraska has significant experience and expertise to determine the areas of your business that will benefit financially from improved water quality. Our team of professional commercial water treatment experts is ready to help you to find the solution that is best suited to your specific needs from within our extensive range of cost effective products, devices, and systems.

Multi-media Water Softening and Water Filtration Replacement and Repair in Lexington, NE

EcoWater Systems of Nebraska’s service center in Lexington is a premier repair facility in Nebraska. Our factory authorized facility offers emergency repair services for a variety of water filtration systems and water softeners including EcoWater Systems, Whirlpool, WaterBoss, Sears, Culligan, Lindsay, Rainy, Rayne Water, Water Right, Autotrol, Hellenbrand, Rainsoft, Benson, Lakeland, Microline, Addie, Water Care, Clack, Fleck, Soft Water and Kinetico. 

EcoWater Systems of Nebraska and Lexington, NE.

Lexington is the county seat of Dawson County and is located in southern Nebraska. The city has an area of approximately 4.5 square miles and is on the Platte River along the U.S Route 30.

Originally named Plum Creek, Lexington began in 1860 as a frontier trading post. The post was a stop on the Pony Express route, but when it was destroyed, the site and nearby area was used to establish Fort Plum Creek. Over the next decade, the area became more populated and by 1871 Lexington was officially founded.

Today, Lexington is recognized as being one of the fastest growing cities in Nebraska. The city is committed to working with businesses to develop long-lasting mutually beneficial relationships. The city has an educated workforce, strong work ethic and diverse cultural makeup to make it an excellent location for businesses to grow and enjoy future profits.

Lexington has a wealth of economic activities including retail, ethanol production, manufacturing, aquaculture, cattle feeding, farming, and meat processing. The city’s close proximity to I80 and the nearby Johnson Lake recreation areas has made tourism an important component of economic growth in the area.

Dawson County Courthouse in Lexington, Nebraska; seen from the northwest
Photo credit: Ammodramus

Call EcoWater Systems of Nebraska at 1-888-ECOWATER (326-9283) for water treatment solutions to address Hard Water, High TDS, Iron | Rusty Water, and Sulfur issues causing a rotten egg smell, as well as any multi-media water filtration services in Lexington, NE. Click here to contact us for immediate service.