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EcoWater Systems of Nebraska: Tackling the Water Issues of Albion, NE for Over Fifty Years

Offering treatment for high TDS, Hard Water, Nitrates, Iron, and Hydrogen Sulfide (rotten egg odor) for all of Albion, NE’s water supplies.

EcoWater Systems of Nebraska specializes in solutions for all the challenging issues of municipal and rural well water supplies of Albion, NE. This includes high TDS, hardness, nitrates, iron, chlorine, and hydrogen sulfide issues native to Albion, NE. 

EcoWater Systems of Nebraska offers unequaled technical capabilities, especially in managing high hardness caused by calcium and magnesium deposits, nitrates, high iron levels, high Total Dissolved Solids, and the smelly, poor tasting water caused by the presence of hydrogen sulfide. All of these issues are common throughout the Albion, NE region. 

Since it is the responsibility of the homeowner for final barrier protection, EcoWater Systems of Nebraska offers innovative systems that address the water problems found in rural well water and municipal well supplies.

The municipal water supply for the city of Albion is known to contain high hardness and high TDS. EcoWater Systems of Nebraska provides superior filter devices and systems that are specifically designed to address these challenging water quality issues. 

Lowering Hard Water Levels from Albion, NE Municipal Water

Hard water issues are common in Albion, NE, and EcoWater Systems of Nebraska has over 50 years of experience successfully resolving a diverse range of hard water problems. We can provide best-in-class filter systems that are specifically designed as a treatment for even water containing up to 25 grains of hardness. Over time, this hardness can accumulate inside appliances and plumbing pipes, but we can eliminate such mineral deposits in the Albion, NE’s municipal water supply before this occurs.

The EcoWater Systems, Nebraska Regional Service Center services the water issues for Albion, Madison, Neligh, Wayne, and O’Neill.

Reducing TDS in the Water Supplies of Albion, NE

TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) are the particles that are dissolved in water supplies. High TDS drinking water is more difficult for the human body to process, as the kidneys are forced to filter these impurities. As a result, it is vitally important your drinking water does not contain a high TDS level. 

Fortunately, EcoWater Systems of Nebraska can provide the best water filter systems for addressing tough TDS water issues native to Albion, NE. We have been wholly eliminating or significantly reducing high TDS levels throughout Nebraska for over 50 years. An EcoWater Systems Whole Home Solution guarantees your family can enjoy fantastic drinking water with a low TDS.

Eliminating Nitrates From the Well Water of Albion, NE

The rural wells in the Albion, NE region are prone to nitrate water issues. Nitrate is a water mobile, naturally occurring type of nitrogen. Agricultural soil is often treated with nitrogen as it is vital for plant growth and improves the field crop productivity. Unfortunately, dissolved nitrates can be carried to the groundwater as irrigation and rain seeps through the treated soil. 

A high nitrate level in drinking water can compromise the red blood cell’s ability to carry oxygen. This can be a particular concern in small children, infants, and adults with certain pre-existing health conditions. A specialty filter will safely remove nitrates from drinking water, ensuring it tastes great and is safe for your entire family. 

Removing Iron and Rusty Water from the Rural Well Water of Albion, NE

EcoWater Systems of Nebraska has a strong track record that spans over five decades, with experience treating water issues associated with iron water contamination. Rusty iron water develops when the groundwater is passed through rock formations containing iron. Residents of the Albion region are likely familiar with the rusty colored stains that appear on clothing, linens and bathroom fixtures due to iron contamination of water. Moreover, iron particles can develop as scale to clog up plumbing and compromise the performance of water using appliances. 

There are numerous types of iron issues, so the one-size-fits-all systems recommended by the majority of water treatment brands are not likely to provide the right solution for your particular water problem. Most water softeners only eliminate Fe2, or “ferrous” iron. But when this iron has bonded with waterborne microorganisms, these devices offer virtually no effect. Fortunately, EcoWater Systems of Nebraska can provide a tailored solution that will remove any iron from rural well water supplies. 

Contact EcoWater Systems of Nebraska at 1-888-ECOWATER (326-9283) for prompt assistance with your water filter system, or drinking water requirements in Albion, Madison, Neligh, Wayne, and O’Neill, or click here for water delivery service.   

Addressing Hydrogen Sulfide Water Issues in Albion, NE

The unpleasant rotten egg smell emitted from your water is due to the presence of hydrogen sulfide. This issue is native to the Albion region’s rural wells. Dissolved hydrogen sulfide gas causes cloudiness and an unpleasant odor. Moreover, dissolved gasses in water create detrimental effects on plumbing systems, causing excessive wear on all components, particularly valves, washers, and seats. The numerous proprietary protocols employed by EcoWater Systems of Nebraska ensure the removal of hydrogen sulfide gas from your water supply.

Water Specialists for All Businesses in Albion, NE

Regardless of your business activities, water quality can have a massive impact on your bottom line. The mineral deposits caused by hard water accumulate inside plumbing systems and commercial equipment, restricting water flow and compromising heat transfer. Hard water will lead to higher costs, reducing your profits as you are forced to pay for increased labor and maintenance costs. Without correct treatment, your business will be forced to bear the financial burden for replacing equipment and fixtures prematurely, in addition to the higher energy costs caused by the untreated hard water. 

EcoWater Systems of Nebraska offers the experience and expertise to assess the areas of your enterprise that could financially benefit from an improvement in water quality. Our team of water treatment experts is ready to help find the best solutions for your specific commercial needs, and offers a range of cost effective systems and products. 

Repair and Replacement of Multi-media Water Softening and Water Filtration Systems in Albion, NE

The factory-authorized EcoWater Systems of Nebraska service center is truly a premier repair facility. We offer emergency repair service for a diverse variety of water softeners and water filtration systems from premium manufacturers including WaterBoss, Sears, Soft Water, Lindsay, Culligan, Rayne Water, Whirlpool, Water Right, Autotrol, Rainsoft, Rainy, Hellenbrand, Benson, Microline, Lakeland, Water Care, Addie, Kinetico, Clack, Fleck and EcoWater Systems.

EcoWater Systems of Nebraska and Albion, NE

Albion is the county seat for Boone County, covering an area of approximately one square mile with a population of 1,650. The history of the city can be traced back to 1821 when the Treaty of Chicago was signed. The first settlement of the town was in 1833, when Paul Tenney and Eleanor Peabody traveled from New York with their family and built a log shack near the branches of the Kalamazoo River. This area, which is now called The Forks, became an integral part of Albion, with the river providing power for mills. Albion developed as a mill town and agricultural market. When a railroad line was built in 1852, the town grew rapidly and was incorporated as a city in 1885. 

The Albion Malleable Iron Company was a locally owned factory, which was established in 1888 and operated until 1967. This company provided a major economic boost to Albion, bringing hundreds of residents to the area, including settlers from Holland, Mexico, Poland, and Italy. 

Today, Albion is proud of its heritage, and there are several museums including the Gardner House Museum and Albion Historical Society where visitors can view rare photo collections of local businesses, organizations, and families. Albion takes pride in its community and the opportunities offered. With a forward thinking approach blended with traditional values, the city appeals to new residents of all ages.

Downtown Albion: north side of West Church Street, looking eastward
Photo credit: Ammodramus

Contact EcoWater Systems of Nebraska at 1-888-ECOWATER (326-9283) for treatment solutions to combat Iron | Rusty Water, Hard Water, High TDS, and Sulfur issues causing a nasty, rotten egg smell, as well as any multi-media water filtration services in Albion, NE. Click here to contact us for immediate service.