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EcoWater Systems of Nebraska solving the Water Problems of Grand Island NE for Half a Century

Offering solutions for Municipal Hard Water and chlorine, as well as high TDS, high hardness, nitrates, iron and rotten egg smell for Grand Island, NE’s rural areas.

EcoWater Systems of Nebraska specializes in both municipal and rural well water problems and has been providing treatment solutions for Grand Island, NE’s most challenging hardness and chlorine municipal water as well as high TDS, high hardness, high iron, high nitrates, and hydrogen sulfide problems for Grand Island, NE’s rural areas.

EcoWater Systems offers unrivaled technical capabilities, particularly in managing high hardness levels caused by magnesium and calcium deposits, smelly, bad tasting water caused by hydrogen sulfide, high Total Dissolved Solids, high nitrate levels, and high iron levels, which are all common throughout the rural areas of Grand Island NE.

Eliminating Hard Water from Grand Island NE Municipal Water

Hard water is very common in Grand Island, NE and EcoWater Systems of Nebraska has over 50 years experience in successfully correcting hard water issues, offering best in class filtration systems specifically designed to address even Grand Island NE’s25 grains of hardness. EcoWater Systems can eliminate the calcium and magnesium deposits native to Grand Island NE’s municipal water supplies that are likely to be clogging up your appliances and causing plumbing problems within your home. EcoWater Systems of Nebraska Grand Island’s regional service center serves the water problems for Hastings, Kearney, Aurora, Lexington, and Gothenburg.

Eliminating Iron and Rusty Water from Grand Island NE’s well water.

EcoWater Systems also has an unsurpassed track record spanning over fifty years for treating water problems associated with high iron levels. Rusty colored water contains a high iron content which is created when ground water moves through iron bearing rock formations.  Residents of the Grand Island area are likely to already have experience with the rust colored staining appearing on sinks, toilets, bathtubs, clothing and linens due to a high iron content of the water. 

When iron is dissolved in your water it can also contribute to scale, which can clog pipes and compromise the efficiency of your water using appliances. There are several types of iron problem. This diversity means that the “one size fits all” systems typically recommended by some water treatment brands may not offer the right solution to address your specific water quality issues. Most water softening devices will only eliminate “ferrous” or Fe2 forms of iron. Additionally, when the iron bonds with any microorganisms present in the water supply, there will be virtually no improvement in water quality using this type of device. Fortunately, EcoWater Systems of Nebraska can offer you a tailored solution to eliminate any iron from your rural well water supply.

Reducing TDS from Water Supplies in Grand Island, NE

The term Total Dissolved Solids or TDS is used to measure all the dissolved particles in your water. High TDS in drinking water supplies make it increasingly difficulty for the human body to process the fluid, as your kidneys are forced to filter out larger amounts of impurities. EcoWater Systems of Nebraska can provide the best treatment solutions and water filtration systems to combat the most challenging TDS water issues, native to Grand Island, NE. EcoWater Systems has over five decades of experience in significantly reducing or completely eliminating high TDS. An EcoWater Systems Whole House Solution will guarantee that you can enjoy excellent tasting, low TDS drinking water.

Eliminating Hydrogen Sulfide Water Issues in Grand Island, NE

If you can detect a rotten egg smell in your water, it is usually due to the presence of hydrogen sulfide gas. This type of problem is common in rural wells in the Grand Island region. The presence of dissolved hydrogen gas in water causes bad odors and a cloudy appearance. Additionally, any dissolved gasses can be aggressive on your plumbing system, causing excessive wear and tear on components such as the valves, washers and seats. EcoWater Systems, Nebraska employs a number of proprietary protocols to ensure hydrogen sulfide gas is eliminated from your water supply.

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Reducing Nitrate Levels From Well Water in Grand Island, NE

Grand Island, NE, and the surrounding rural areas are particularly prone to nitrate water issues. Nitrates are a naturally occurring form of nitrogen that is mobile in water. Nitrogen is an important nutrient for plant growth, and will often be added to the soil to improve the field crop productivity. But irrigation and rain can pass through treated soil, allowing dissolved nitrate to be carried into groundwater supplies. High nitrate levels in drinking water have been shown to inhibit the capacity of red blood cells to carry oxygen. This can be particularly harmful to small children and vulnerable adults. Specialty filters can safely eliminate nitrates from drinking water to ensure that it has a great taste and is safe for the entire family.

Water Specialists for Grand Island, NE Businesses

Water issues can have a huge impact on the bottom line for any business. Deposits of minerals from hard water can accumulate in plumbing systems and commercial equipment, restricting the water flow and reducing heat transfer. High water hardness can lead to higher operating costs, reducing your profit, increasing labor costs and creating a need for increased maintenance. Additionally, your business will face the financial burden of needing to replace fixtures and equipment prematurely, and the higher energy expenses associated with untreated hard water. 

EcoWater Systems of Nebraska has the experience and expertise to determine which areas of your business will benefit financially from improved water quality. Our professional team of commercial water treatment experts is ready to assist you in finding the solution best suited to the specific needs of your business from within our extensive range of cost effective systems and products.

Multi-media Water Softening and Water Filtration Replacement and Repair in Grand Island, NE

EcoWater Systems of Nebraska’s service center in Grand Island, is a premier repair facility in Nebraska. This factory authorized facility offers emergency repair services for various water filtration systems and water softeners including EcoWater Systems, Whirlpool, WaterBoss, Sears, Culligan, Lindsay, Rainy, Rayne Water, Water Right, Autotrol, Hellenbrand, Rainsoft, Benson, Lakeland, Microline, Addie, Water Care, Clack, Fleck, Soft Water and Kinetico. 

EcoWater Systems of Nebraska and Grand Island NE.

Grand Island is the county seat of Hall County in Nebraska, with a population of approximately 48,000.  The area was first settled in 1857 when 35 German settlers moved west from Davenport, Iowa to create the new settlement known as La Grande Isle by the French traders. Over the next ten years, the settlers had to overcome a number of challenges including blizzards and conflict with native Indians. 

When the Union Pacific Railroad surveyors laid out plans for Grand Island Station, a new town nearby, many of the settlers living on La Grande Isle moved slightly inland to the new site. The railroad reached Grand Island in 1868, which brought new business and trade. The town was incorporated into Grand Island in 1872 at which time the population had grown to over 1,000 people. 

In recent years, Grand Island has suffered from a number of environmental issues. The area was hit by a supercell massive storm in 1980, which ravaged the city with seven tornadoes including a Fujita Scale F4 event. 

The area has also had a number of water contamination issues. In 1981, contaminated groundwater was discovered underneath the former Ammunition Plant. This was caused during munitions production when wastewater that was contaminated with explosives was left in earthen surface impoundments. While the army burnt approximately 40,000 tons of contaminated soil, a treatment facility needed to be built to cycle the contaminated water through a system to remove explosives and discharge the cleaned water into Silver Creek. 

Grand Island was designated as a Superfund cleanup site with ongoing ground and water treatment.

Hall County Courthouse in Grand Island
Photo credit: Calvin Beale – USDA photo

Call EcoWater Systems of Nebraska at 1-888-ECOWATER (326-9283) for water treatment solutions to address Hard Water, High TDS, Iron | Rusty Water, and Sulfur issues causing a rotten egg smell, as well as any multi-media water filtration services in Grand Island, NE. Click here to contact us immediate service.