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EcoWater Systems of Nebraska correcting the Water Issues of Neligh, NE for over Five Decades

Hard Municipal Well Water, high TDS Level, Nitrates, Iron, and Hydrogen Sulfide (rotten egg odor) treatment, for all of Neligh, NE’s water supplies.

EcoWater Systems of Nebraska provides specialist treatment for both rural and municipal well water issues, providing solutions for the challenging water issues of Neligh, NE including high TDS, water hardness, iron, hydrogen sulfide and nitrates. 

EcoWater Systems provides unrivaled innovations and technical capabilities. We specialize in the management of water hardness caused by deposits of magnesium and calcium, high Total Dissolved Solids, high iron levels, nitrates, and bad tasting or smelly water caused by the presence of hydrogen sulfide gas. All of these issues are common in the rural areas around Neligh, NE.

Since the final barrier protection of private well water supplies in Neligh, NE is the sole responsibility of homeowners, EcoWater Systems of Nebraska also offers innovative protection systems designed to address the water problems found in rural well water and municipal supplies. 

The municipal supplies of the City of Neligh are known to be hard with high TDS. EcoWater Systems of Nebraska provides best-in-class devices and filtration systems specifically designed to address these challenging water conditions.

Addressing the Hard Water Issues of Neligh, NE’s Municipal Water

Hard water is a problem in many areas of the country, particularly in Neligh, NE. Fortunately, EcoWater Systems of Nebraska has over five decades of proven experience in successfully resolving a myriad of hard water problems. We offer superior filter systems that have been specially designed to treat water with up to 25 grains of hardness. We can address the magnesium and calcium deposits, typical in Neligh, NE’s municipal supplies, which over time are causing plumbing problems around your home and accumulating inside appliances. 

The regional service center for EcoWater Systems of Nebraska services the water issues of Neligh, Madison, Wayne, Albion, and O’Neill

Lowering TDS From Neligh, NE’s Water Supplies

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) are the particles that are dissolved in your water. These particles may not be visible to the naked eye, but a high TDS level in your drinking water forces your kidneys to filter out all these impurities, making it more difficult for the body to process this fluid. 

Fortunately, EcoWater Systems of Nebraska offers the best filtration systems to address the TDS issues native to Neligh, NE for your optimum health. We have been lowering or completely eliminating high TDS levels for over fifty years. Our Whole Home Solution guarantees your family can benefit from low TDS, great tasting water. 

Eradicating Rusty Iron Water From Neligh, NE’s Rural Well Water

EcoWater Systems of Nebraska has an established track record of treating water problems associated with iron. Rusty water contains iron that occurs as groundwater passes through formations of iron bearing rock. Residents of the Neligh area are likely to be aware of the rust colored staining that appears on fixtures, clothing, and linens due to the water’s high iron content. These particles of iron can also develop as scale to clog up plumbing and compromise performance of water using appliances. 

There are different types of iron problems that impact water supplies, but many water treatment brands promote a one-size-fits-all solution. This may not be the right choice for your particular water quality problem. Water softening devices typically only remove Fe2, also known as ferrous iron. This is rendered virtually useless should the iron bond with microorganisms in your water. Fortunately, EcoWater Systems of Nebraska can provide a tailored solution to eradicate the iron in your well water supply. 

Addressing Hydrogen Sulfide Water Problems in Neligh, NE

Many homeowners are familiar with the distinct rotten egg smell due to hydrogen sulfide gas being present in the water. This problem is native to the rural wells in the Neligh region. Dissolved hydrogen sulfide in your water can not only creates a cloudy appearance, but can cause an unpalatable taste and smell. Also, any gasses that are dissolved in water supplies can create a detrimental effect on plumbing systems. The gasses cause excessive wear and tear throughout the system including on washers, seats, and valves. EcoWater Systems of Nebraska’s numerous proprietary protocols ensure that any hydrogen sulfide is removed from your water supply. 

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Eliminating Nitrate From Neligh, NE’s Well Water

The wells throughout the rural areas around Neligh, NE can be vulnerable to nitrate contamination in the water. This naturally occurring type of nitrogen is mobile in water, and occurs as irrigation and rain seeps through the treated soil to the groundwater in agricultural areas. Nitrogen is regularly added to soil in order to improve field crop production. 

Drinking water contaminated by nitrates can be problematic for vulnerable adults, infants and small children, as it can inhibit the oxygen carrying capacity of the red blood cells. EcoWater Systems of Nebraska’s specialty filtration devices can safely remove nitrates from drinking water and ensure it is safe for your whole family. 

Water Specialists for Neligh, NE’s Businesses

Water quality causes a massive effect on profits for any business. The mineral deposits in hard water accumulate in plumbing systems and commercial equipment, restricting water flow and the potential for heat transfer. Water hardness can also lead to higher costs, compromising profits as you need to shoulder the cost of increased labor and maintenance costs. Without correct water treatment, your business will need to bear the financial burden of premature replacement of equipment and fixtures, in addition to the higher energy costs created by untreated hard water. 

EcoWater Systems of Nebraska provides the expertise and experience to correctly assess the areas of your business that would benefit from an improvement in water quality. Our team of professional experts in commercial water treatment is ready to help you to determine the best solution for the unique needs of your business from within our full range of systems and products.

Multi-media Water Filtration and Water Softening Repair and Replacement in Norfolk, NE

The authorized service center for EcoWater Systems of Nebraska is a premier repair facility. We offer an emergency repair service for numerous water softeners and water filtration systems including EcoWater Systems, WaterBoss, Microline, Water Care, Addie, Sears, Lindsay, Culligan, Rayne Water, Whirlpool, Rainy, Water Right, Autotrol, Rainsoft, Hellenbrand, Benson, Lakeland, Kinetico, Clack, Fleck and Soft Water.

EcoWater Systems of Nebraska and Neligh, NE

Neligh is the county seat of Antelope County. It has an area of approximately 1.11 square miles with a population of 1,599, according to the 2010 census figures. The city was established in 1872 when John D. Neligh and some friends made a trip from West Point up the Elkhorn River. Neligh made a note of the landscapes and scenic beauty, deciding it would be the ideal location for a town. He immediately went to Omaha to buy the 520 acres needed for the town site. The town was officially platted in 1873 with it being named for John Neligh. 

Shortly after the town was founded, John D. Neligh began construction of a mill in the south of the town. The original Neligh Mill was a two-story building with bricks made from local clay. Today, the mill is a recognized Nebraska State Historical site.

Neligh has a wide range of businesses and a booming tourist trade. Visitors have a number of tourist attractions to visit including four museums, the Ash Falls Fossil Bed, and numerous restaurants and hotels. There is even a traditional drive-in movie theater for a real nostalgic atmosphere. Neligh also hosts a range of festivals and activities throughout the year.

Neligh Mill, on the bank of the Elkhorn River in Neligh
Photo credit: Ammodramus

Call EcoWater Systems of Nebraska at 1-888-ECOWATER (326-9283) for treatment solutions to address Hard Water, Iron | Rusty Water, High TDS, and Sulfur issues that are causing a rotten egg smell, as well as multi-media water filtration services in Neligh, NE. Click here to contact us for immediate service.