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EcoWater Systems of Nebraska resolving the Water Problems of Norfolk NE for Half a Century

Municipal Well Hard Water, high TDS,Iron, Hydrogen Sulfide (rotten egg odor) and Nitrates treatment, for all of Norfolk, NE’swater supply.

EcoWater Systems of Nebraska specializes in both municipal and rural well water treatment, offering solutions for Norfolk, NE’s most challenging chlorine, high TDS, high hardness, high iron, high nitrates and hydrogen sulfide problems for Norfolk, NE.

EcoWater Systems offers unequaled technical capabilities, particularly in managing smelly, bad tasting water caused by hydrogen sulfide, high hardness levels caused by magnesium and calcium deposits, high iron levels and high Total Dissolved Solids, which are common in the rural areas of Norfolk NE. 

Since final barrier protection of Norfolk, NE’s well water supply is the responsibility of the homeowner, EcoWater Systems of Nebraska can offer innovative final barrier protection systems to address the water issues found in municipal well water supplies as well as rural well water. 

Municipal water supplies for the City of Norfolk are known to have high TDS and high hardness. Fortunately, EcoWater Systems, Nebraska can provide best in class filtration systems and devices, which are specifically designed to combat these challenging water issues.

Eliminating Hard Water from Norfolk NE Municipal Water

Hard water is common in Norfolk, NE and EcoWater Systems of Nebraska has over half a century of experience in successfully resolving a wide variety of hard water issues. We provide best in class filtration systems, specifically designed to treat even water with up to 25 grains of hardness. Our systems can eliminate the calcium and magnesium deposits typical in Norfolk NE’s municipal water supplies that can, over time, cause plumbing issues in your home and accumulate inside your appliances. The EcoWater Systems of Nebraska Norfolk regional service center serves the water problems for Madison, Wayne, Neligh, Albion, and O’Neill.

Eliminating Iron and Rusty Water from Norfolk NE’s Rural Well Water.

EcoWater Systems of Nebraska also has a track record of over fifty years for treating water problems that are associated with a high iron content. Rusty water containing high iron content occurs when groundwater passes through iron bearing rock formations. If you live in the Norfolk area, you probably have first-hand experience with rust colored stains that develop on linens, clothing, toilets, sinks and bathtubs, due to iron content in the water. Particles of iron can also clog up your plumbing, develop as scale and impact the performance of your water using appliances.

There is more than one type of iron problem, which means that the typically recommended “one size fits all” systems, offered by many water treatment brands, may or may not offer the correct solution for your specific water issues. Generally, a water-softening device will only remove the “ferrous” or Fe2 type of iron. Unfortunately, once the iron has become bonded with any microorganisms in the water, this type of device will have virtually no effect.  EcoWater Systems of Nebraska will offer you a tailored solution to eliminate any iron content from your rural well water supply.   

Reducing TDS from Water Supplies in Norfolk, NE

Total Dissolved Solids or TDS refers to all the particles dissolved in your water supply. A high TDS level in drinking water makes it more difficult for your body to process the fluids, forcing your kidneys to filter out the impurities. This highlights how vitally important it is that your drinking water not have a high TDS level. EcoWater Systems of Nebraska provides the best water filtration systems to address the toughest TDS water issues that are native to Norfolk, NE. EcoWater Systems has been significantly reducing or wholly eliminating high TDS for over five decades. A Whole Home Solution will guarantee that your family will enjoy low TDS and fantastic tasting drinking water.

Eliminating Hydrogen Sulfide Water Issues in Norfolk, NE

A rotten egg odor in your water is due to hydrogen sulfide gas being present. This is a problem, native to the rural wells throughout the Norfolk region. When hydrogen sulfide has dissolved in water, it causes unpleasant odors and cloudiness. Additionally, gasses dissolved in your water can be detrimental to your plumbing system, as it causes excess wear and tear on seats, washers, and valves. EcoWater Systems of Nebraska uses numerous proprietary protocols to ensure that hydrogen sulfide gas is eliminated from water supplies.  

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Reducing Nitrate Levels From Well Water in Norfolk, NE

The rural wells around Norfolk, NE can be prone to issues with nitrate in the water. Nitrate is a naturally occurring form of nitrogen, which has mobility in water. Nitrogen is important for plant growth, and it is added to the soil regularly to improve the productivity of the field crops. Unfortunately, rain and irrigation can seep through the treated soil, allowing dissolved nitrates to be carried into the groundwater. High nitrate levels in drinking water supplies inhibit the red blood cell capacity for carrying oxygen, which can be especially harmful in vulnerable adults, small children, and infants. Specialty filters can remove nitrates safely from drinking water supplies to ensure that it not only tastes great, but is safe for the whole family.

Water Specialists for Businesses in Norfolk, NE

Water issues can have a significant impact on any business’ bottom line. Mineral deposits from hard water can accumulate within commercial equipment and plumbing systems, reducing the potential for heat transfer and restricting the water flow. Water hardness issues often lead to higher costs as they reduce your profits and trigger increased maintenance and labor costs. Without proper water treatment, your business will need to shoulder the financial burden of replacing fixtures and equipment early, and the higher energy expenses triggered by untreated hard water. 

EcoWater Systems of Nebraska has the expertise and experience to assess which areas of your business can benefit financially from improving water quality. Our professional team of commercial water treatment experts is ready to assist you in finding the best solution for the particular needs of your business from our comprehensive range of cost effective products and systems.   

Multi-media Water Softening and Water Filtration Repair and Replacement in Norfolk, NE

EcoWater Systems of Nebraska’s factory authorized service center in Norfolk, is a premier repair facility. It offers emergency repair services for numerous water softeners and water filtration systems including EcoWater Systems, WaterBoss, Sears, Lindsay, Culligan, Rayne Water, Whirlpool, Rainy, Water Right, Autotrol, Rainsoft, Hellenbrand, Benson, Lakeland, Microline, Water Care, Addie, Kinetico, Clack, Fleck and Soft Water.

EcoWater Systems of Nebraska and Norfolk NE.

With a population of approximately 24,000, Norfolk, NE lies 83 miles from Sioux City and 113 miles from Omaha. Its large population made it the Nebraska’s ninth largest city according to the 2010 census. 

Norfolk was settled after scouts were sent from a Lutheran settlement in Wisconsin in 1865. The team was tasked with finding inexpensive and productive farmland to be claimed under the Homestead Act. After finding the Omaha area to be too crowded, the scouts traveled further to establish a settlement site. By mid 1866, 42 families had arrived at the new site, with a second group of settlers arriving the following year. The colony was originally named “North Fork” or some variant, but the name was transmuted into “Norfolk” when it was submitted to the federal postal authorities. 

After the discovery of gold in South Dakota’s Black Hills, the Fremont, Elkhorn and Missouri Valley Railroad was built. This new railroad ran from Omaha across north Nebraska to South Dakota, arriving in 1879 at Norfolk. The development of the new railway connections prompted significant growth in Norfolk, with the population swelling to 1,000 people by 1886. 

In more recent years Norfolk has been at the center of progress. Not only was Norfolk at the heart of the development of the Meridian Highway, but in 1928 a flying school was established, which prompted the development of air travel. A municipal airport was constructed on this site in 1942, which acted as an auxiliary field during World War II.

Today, Norfolk acts as the principal retail center for northeast Nebraska. There is also significant manufacturing activity, agriculture, commercial distribution centers and non-profit organizations boosting the local economy.

Norfolk, Nebraska-Omaha Ave x 13 Street
Photo credit: Ammodramus 

Call EcoWater Systems of Nebraska at 1-888-ECOWATER (326-9283) for treatment solutions to address Hard Water, High TDS, Iron | Rusty Water, and Sulfur issues causing a rotten egg smell, as well as any multi-media water filtration services in Norfolk, NE. Click here to contact us for immediate service.