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EcoWater Systems of Nebraska rectifying the Water Problems of O’Neill, NE for Over 50 Years

Hard Water, high TDS, nitrates, hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg odor), and iron treatment for all of Norfolk, NE’s water supply.

EcoWater Systems of Nebraska has over five decades of expertise in municipal and rural well water treatments, offering solutions for the most challenging water issues in O’Neill, NE including high TDS, chlorine, water hardness, nitrates, hydrogen sulfide and iron problems.

EcoWater Systems, Nebraska offers expert technical capabilities, especially in the management of water hardness caused by mineral deposits, high Total Dissolved Solids, nitrates, smelly water created by dissolved hydrogen sulfide gas, and high iron, which are common problems throughout the O’Neill, NE area.

Final barrier protection for private well water supplies in O’Neill, NE is the responsibility of the property owner, and EcoWater Systems of Nebraska offers innovative protection devices and systems that can address water issues common in municipal and rural well water supplies. 

The municipal supplies for O’Neill have been shown to contain high TDS and excessive levels of water hardness. EcoWater Systems of Nebraska provides best-in-class devices and systems, designed specifically to address these very challenging water quality problems. 

Eliminating the Hard Water Problems of O’Neill, NE’s Municipal Water

Water hardness is a problem in many areas of the state, particularly in O’Neill. EcoWater Systems of Nebraska offers the benefit of their decades of experience, successfully rectifying a spectrum of hard water problems. We offer superior water systems that are specifically designed for the treatment for very hard water up to 25 grains. We can rectify the mineral deposits typical in the O’Neill, NE’s municipal supplies that over time will create plumbing problems throughout your home including accumulating in your appliances. 

EcoWater Systems’ Nebraska regional service center offers assistance for water problems throughout the area including O’Neill, Neligh, Madison, Wayne, and Albion.

Rectifying TDS Levels in the Water Supplies of O’Neill, NE

TDS, or Total Dissolved Solids, are the dissolved particles inside your water supplies. High TDS drinking water is more difficult for the body to process, forcing your kidneys to filter greater amounts of impurities. To rectify high TDS levels, EcoWater Systems of Nebraska offers superior filtration systems designed to tackle the tough TDS water quality issues native to the O’Neill, NE region. 

EcoWater Systems, Nebraska has over five decades of experience significantly reducing or even wholly eliminating high TDS levels. Our Whole Home Solution can guarantee low TDS, great tasting drinking water your family will enjoy. 

Eliminating Nitrates From Well Water in O’Neill, NE

O’Neill, NE’s rural wells can be vulnerable to issues with nitrates. This naturally occurring variant of nitrogen is mobile in water, and is created in agricultural areas. Nitrogen is vital for plant growth, and is often added to soil to improve field crop production. As irrigation and rain seep through treated soil, it allows dissolved nitrates to travel into the groundwater. 

A high nitrate level in your drinking water could pose a threat to health, particularly in infants and small children, as it can inhibit the oxygen carrying capacity of red blood cells. Special filters from EcoWater Systems can safely eliminate nitrates from drinking water for safe, great tasting refreshment.

Addressing Hydrogen Sulfide Water Problems in O’Neill, NE

That rotten egg, unpleasant odor from your water is due to hydrogen sulfide gas. The rural wells in the O’Neill region are prone to this type of problem, as dissolved hydrogen sulfide gas creates unpalatable smells and cloudiness in water supplies. In addition to aesthetic problems, dissolved gas can also create problems in your plumbing system as seats, valves, and washers suffer from excessive wear. The numerous protocols employed by EcoWater Systems, Nebraska ensure that any hydrogen sulfide gas is removed from your water supply.

Contact EcoWater Systems of Nebraska at 1-888-ECOWATER (326-9283) for immediate help with your water filtration system, or any drinking water needs in O’NeillAlbion, Wayne, Neligh and Madison or click here for water delivery service.

Reducing Iron, Rusty Water from O’Neill, NE’s Rural Wells

EcoWater Systems of Nebraska’s track record for treating water issues associated with iron contamination spans decades. Iron contamination occurs as groundwater is passed through rock formations that are iron bearing. O’Neill area residents are likely to have experience with the rusty stains appearing on linens, bathroom fixtures, and clothing due to a high iron level in water supplies. Any particles of iron in water can also contribute to scale that will clog up pipes, plumbing fixtures, and water-using appliances. 

Since there is more than just one kind of iron problem, the one-size-fits-all systems recommended by the majority of water treatment brands may not provide the correct solution for your particular issues. Water softener devices generally only remove Fe2 forms of iron. This type of iron bonds with microorganisms in your water, rendering these devices ineffective. EcoWater Systems of Nebraska can offer a tailored solution that will eliminate any traces of iron in rural well water supplies. 

Water Specialist Help for Businesses in O’Neill, NE

Any business can take a hit to their profit margins due to poor water quality. The mineral deposits in hard water accumulate within plumbing pipes, fixtures, and commercial equipment, restricting the flow of water and potential for heat transfer. Hard water leads to higher expenses as it triggers increased costs including labor and maintenance. Without the proper treatment, you may find your business is forced to shoulder the burden of prematurely replacing your equipment and fixtures in addition to the immediate financial costs of increased energy bills caused by the untreated water. 

The professional team at EcoWater Systems of Nebraska offers their experience and expertise in assessing which areas of your business would benefit from an improvement in water quality. Our commercial water treatment team is here to assist you with finding the right solution for your specific needs within our wide range of efficient and cost effective systems.

Multi-media Water Softening and Water Filtration System Repair and Replacement in O’Neill, NE

The EcoWater Systems of Nebraska service center is premier factory-authorized repair facility. We offer emergency repair servicing for water filtration systems and water softeners from all major manufacturers including WaterBoss, Sears, Culligan, Rayne Water, Autotrol, Rainsoft, Benson, Lakeland, Water Care, Addie, Clack, Fleck, Lindsay, Whirlpool, Rainy, Water Right, Hellenbrand, Microline, Kinetico, Soft Water and EcoWater Systems.

EcoWater Systems of Nebraska and O’Neill, NE

With its population of 3,705, O’Neill is the county seat of Holt County, and covers an area of 2.38 square miles. O’Neill is Nebraska’s official Irish capital, and its major crops include potatoes, soybeans, corn, tomatoes, and cattle produced in the area. 

The city was founded and named for General John O’Neill. O’Neill was a veteran of the American Civil War and a native of Ireland. General O’Neill directed colonists to this site in 1874 and induced other groups of Irish natives to settle in nearby areas of Holt County. These fellow countrymen had immigrated to America due to the economic distress and famine in Ireland, settling in eastern cities. General O’Neill appreciated the agricultural heritage of the Irish people, and made it his goal to found Nebraska colonies and encourage the poor immigrants to prosper in other areas besides the East Coast’s overcrowded cities. Since the Irish spoke the English language, they blended in and contributed to the settlement of Nebraska as a major immigrant group. In 1969, O’Neill was officially recognized as the “Irish Capital of Nebraska.” 

Today, O’Neill is a vibrant community, with a prosperous economy and strong sense of its heritage. Visitors flock to the city for the annual St Patrick’s Day celebrations in March, where you can see the giant shamrock and watch the grand parade. Almost overnight, the population of O’Neill doubles as visitors travel to enjoy all the activities for people of all ages. 

Shamrock painted on pavement at 4th and Douglas
Photo credit: Ammodramus

Contact EcoWater Systems of Nebraska at 1-888-ECOWATER (326-9283) for treatment solutions to address Hard Water, High TDS, Nitrates, Iron | Rusty Water, and Sulfur problems causing a rotten egg smell, in addition to any multi-media water filtration services in O’Neill, NE. Click here to contact us for immediate service.