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EcoWater Systems of Nebraska Tackling the Water Problems of Wayne, NE for Over Half a Century

Exceptional treatment of hard well water, high TDS, hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg odor), nitrates, and iron, for all of Wayne, NE’s water supplies.

EcoWater Systems of Nebraska offers specialist treatments for both rural and municipal well water supplies. We can offer solutions for Wayne, NE’s most challenging water issues including high hardness, high TDS, iron, hydrogen sulfide, and nitrate problems throughout Wayne, NE. 

EcoWater Systems provides unrivaled technical capabilities, especially in the management of high hardness levels created by calcium and magnesium deposits, high Total Dissolved Solids, high iron levels, and bad tasting, smelly water caused by the presence of hydrogen sulfide. All of these issues are common throughout the rural areas around Wayne, NE, and require specialized services to rectify.

Since final barrier protection of private well water supplies in Wayne, NE is the sole responsibility of the property owner, EcoWater Systems of Nebraska is ready to offer innovative home protection systems designed to address the water problems found in rural well water supplies and municipal well water. 

The municipal water supplies for Wayne, NE have been shown to contain high TDS and high hardness levels. Thankfully, EcoWater Systems of Nebraska can offer truly superior filter devices and systems that were specifically produced to combat these and other challenging water problems.  

Correcting Hard Water Problems in Wayne, NE’s Municipal Water

Hard water is a very common problem in Wayne, NE, but fortunately, EcoWater Systems of Nebraska has over fifty years of expertise and experience in resolving a myriad of hard water problems. We offer best-in-class filter devices and systems that have been specifically designed to treat even extremely hard water. Our systems eliminate the magnesium and calcium deposits typically found in the Wayne, NE’s municipal water supply that can cause plumbing problems around your home over time, including accumulating inside appliances. 

The EcoWater Systems of Nebraska regional servicing center serves the water issues of Wayne, Madison, Albion, Neligh and O’Neill. 

Removing Rusty Water and Iron From the Rural Well Water of Wayne, NE

EcoWater Systems of Nebraska has an extensive, proven track record spanning half a century for the treatment of water problems associated with high iron levels. Rusty water occurs due to a high iron level after the groundwater has passed through formations of iron bearing rocks. Residents of the Wayne area are likely to have experience with the rust colored staining that develops on clothing, linens, and plumbing fixtures, due to iron in the water supply. These particles of iron also clog up plumbing and appliances, as scale develops to compromise water flow and performance. 

There are a number of iron issues, and the one-size-fits-all approach taken by many water treatment companies may not provide the right solution for your particular water quality issues. Most water softener devices only remove ferrous (Fe2) iron. These devices are rendered virtually useless if the iron bonds with microorganisms present in the water. Fortunately, EcoWater Systems of Nebraska can offer tailored solutions to remove any iron in your rural well water supplies. 

Eliminating TDS From Wayne, NE’s Water Supplies

TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) are the dissolved particles in water. High TDS levels in drinking water can not only compromise the aesthetics of your water supply, but can make it more difficult for the human body to process since the kidneys are forced to filter the impurities from the fluid. For optimum health, your drinking water should not have a high TDS. 

EcoWater Systems of Nebraska offers the best filtration systems for tackling the challenging TDS water quality issues native to Wayne, NE. We have been dramatically reducing or totally eliminating high TDS levels for over half a century. Our Whole Home Solutions can guarantee that you and your family could enjoy fantastic tasting, low TDS drinking water.

Removing Hydrogen Sulfide From Water Supplies in Wayne, NE

If your water has a rotten egg odor, it is likely to be due to the presence of hydrogen sulfide, which is a problem native to the Wayne region’s rural wells. When this gas is dissolved in water, it creates cloudiness, and an unpalatable taste and smell.

Additionally, any dissolved gasses in your water supply can have a detrimental effect on your home plumbing, causing excess wear on valves, washers, and seats. Fortunately, EcoWater Systems of Nebraska utilizes a number of proprietary protocols to eliminate any hydrogen sulfide gas from your water supply. 

Call EcoWater Systems of Nebraska at 1-888-ECOWATER (326-9283) for prompt assistance for your water filtration system, or any drinking water needs in Wayne, Madison, Albion, Neligh and O’Neill, or click here for water delivery service.  

Eliminating Nitrate From the Well Water of Wayne, NE

The rural water wells around Wayne, NE are particularly vulnerable to nitrate issues. Nitrate occurs naturally and is a water mobile form of nitrogen. Nitrogen is needed for plant growth, so is regularly added to improve field crop production. 

Unfortunately, irrigation and rain seep through treated soil, which allows the dissolved nitrates to travel into groundwater. Nitrate in drinking water can have serious health consequences, particularly for infants, vulnerable adults, and small children, as the oxygen carrying capacity of red blood cells is inhibited. Specialty filtration systems can safely remove traces of nitrate from drinking water, ensuring that it is safe for your entire family.

Water Specialist Assistance for Wayne, NE’s Businesses

Water quality can have a massive impact on profitability for any business. The mineral deposits from a hard water supply accumulate within plumbing pipes, fixtures, and commercial equipment. This restricts water flow and reduces heat transfer potential, leading to higher costs from increased maintenance, greater labor costs, and higher energy bills. Without proper treatment, your business may be forced to shoulder the financial burden of premature equipment and fixture replacement, in addition to the higher energy costs that are triggered by your untreated hard water. 

Fortunately, EcoWater Systems of Nebraska has the experience and expertise to accurately assess the areas of your business that could financially benefit from improving your water quality. Our team of professional water treatment experts can assist you in finding the best solutions to meet your particular business needs from our comprehensive product range.

Replacement and Repair For Your Water Softener and Water Filtration Systems in Wayne, NE

The factory-authorized EcoWater Systems of Nebraska service center is a premier facility. We offer an emergency repair service for a wide range of water filtration systems and water softeners including EcoWater Systems, Culligan, Whirlpool, Addie, Hellenbrand, Soft Water, Fleck, WaterBoss, Sears, Lindsay, Rayne Water, Rainy, Water Right, Autotrol, Rainsoft, Benson, Lakeland, Microline, Water Care, Kinetico, and Clack.

EcoWater Systems of Nebraska and Wayne, NE

Wayne is the county seat of Wayne County and covers an area of 2.25 square miles. It has a population of approximately 5,660 and is the home of the Wayne State College. The city has a long history, which can be traced back to early settlers who crossed the Missouri in search of tracts of land to build their own homes. 

Wayne was first settled back in 1869 with arrivals from Lee County, Illinois. Wayne remained a prairie village until 1881 when the railroad sought to link Sioux City, Iowa and Norfolk, Nebraska. This railroad line extension induced more settlers to the community. Railroad officials originally named the city after Wayne Brookdale, but the settlers insisted that the community was named as the county in memory of Revolutionary War veteran General “Mad” Anthony Wayne.

As the town grew, there was a desire to provide greater educational opportunities. There was a Lutheran academy established in 1887, but this only remained until 1889. In 1891, with the help from local citizens, Professor J.M Pile established the Nebraska Normal College, which eventually evolved to become the current Wayne State College. The city has continued to grow, transforming into a community that balances industry, agriculture, and education for a unique and stable environment.

Wayne’s commercial district is listed in the National Register of Historic Places
Photo credit: Ammodramus

Contact EcoWater Systems of Nebraska at 1-888-ECOWATER (326-9283) for effective treatment solutions to address High TDS, Hard Water, Iron | Rusty Water, and the Sulfur issues that are causing a rotten egg smell, as well as multi-media water filtration services in Wayne, NE. Click here to contact us for immediate service.