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EcoWater Systems of Nebraska, Solving Glenwood, IA’s Well Water Problems for more than 50 years

Hard Water, high TDS, Nitrates, Iron and Hydrogen Sulfide odor treatment for all of Glenwood, IA’s municipal well water supply

As a rural well water treatment specialist, EcoWater Systems of Nebraska, has been resolving Glenwood, IA’s Hard Water, high TDS, Rust/Iron, Hydrogen Sulfide (rotten egg smell) and Nitrates water issues since 1965. Widely regarded as Nebraska’s and Iowa’s premier water treatment expert in well water solutions, EcoWater Systems of Nebraska has a proven level of technical capability that is unsurpassed, particularly in managing hardness caused by calcium and magnesium mineral deposits, Iron and Rusty water (both ferrous and “bound” iron,) high TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), BAD TASTING, smelly water due to Hydrogen Sulfide (rotten egg smell) and general water problems typically found in farming areas such as high Nitrates from human and livestock waste as well as agricultural pesticide runoff.

Eliminating Hard Water, Iron and Rusty Water from Glenwood, IA’s well water

Because of Glenwood’s IA’s well water supply, FINAL BARRIER protection rests with the consumer and that is what EcoWater Systems of Nebraska offers: State-of-the-art FINAL BARRIER protection. Glenwood, IA municipal well water is known to have high hardness levels, typically due to calcium and magnesium mineral content.  EcoWater Systems of Nebraska has been providing best-in-class water filtration systems specifically designed to address this challenging well water issue.  It also has a five-decade track record of treating Iron water problems.  Iron or rusty water is created when ground water passes through iron-bearing rocks.  If you live in Glenwood, you know first hand that iron can leave rust stains on sinks, tubs, toilets, clothing and linens.  It can also, in some circumstances, form scale and clog plumbing and water using appliances while making water turn brown as well as smell and taste bad.

Iron comes in various forms. All too often water treatment companies will recommend a water softener as a one size fits all solution. That may or may not be the correct remedy.  In fact, the only iron that is removed by the water softening process is iron in the Fe2 or “ferrous” form, but if the iron is bonded with microorganisms, also known as “bound” iron, a water softener would have virtually no effect. Testing must be done at the site because once the water becomes exposed to the air, it will begin to change form. pH is one of the most critical elements in controlling the effectiveness of the equipment used for iron reduction.

Reducing TDS from Glenwood, IA’s well water

Total dissolved solids are a combination of everything dissolved in your water. High TDS in drinking water is hard for your body to process and your kidneys are left doing the job of filtering it. For that reason, reducing TDS is important to your health.  Offering best only the of breed water filtration systems to resolve the toughest water problems native to Glenwood, IA, EcoWater Systems of Nebraska has been successfully eliminating or dramatically reducing high TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), for more then 50 years.  Today, with either a HERO 375 Reverse System or an EcoWater Whole Home Solution you can have great tasting, low TDS, drinking water, GUARANTEED.

Eliminating rotten egg (hydrogen sulfide) smell from Glenwood, IA’s well water

Hydrogen sulfide gas smells like rotten eggs and is present in Glenwood’s underground aquifers. These dissolved gases can cause cloudiness and bad odors in water and can be aggressive to piping systems and cause wear on valves, seats and washers. EcoWater Systems of Nebraska uses a series of proprietary protocols for the elimination of Hydrogen sulfide gas including the ETF AIIF9, ETF 2300-IF10 and ETF 2300-PF10 series filters, depending upon the individual circumstances.  Contact EcoWater Systems of Nebraska today to help resolve your specific smelly water problem.

Reducing Nitrates from Glenwood, IA’s well water

Nitrates are a naturally occurring form of nitrogen (N), which is very mobile in water. Although essential for plant growth and often added to soil, such as field crops, to improve productivity, rain or irrigation seeping through that same soil carries the dissolved nitrate with it to ground water. Drinking water high in nitrates inhibits red blood cells capacity for carrying oxygen, and is potentially harmful to humans and animals. EcoWater Systems of Nebraska’s technology for a whole house solution is an EcoWater ESS 1000 XR32 with a specialty resin. This unit regenerates with salt (like a water softener), but the specialty resin removes nitrates. Alternatively, EcoWater’s advanced ERO375 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis System is ideally suited for your kitchen water supply and will provide outstanding drinking water.

Contact EcoWater Systems of Nebraska today to help resolve all your most challenging well water issues or to order delivery of commercial and residential bottled drinking water in Glenwood, IA, Council Bluffs, IA, Omaha, BellevuePapillion and Gretna.  We can also assist you with your point of use (POU) R.O cooler needs.  With over 50 years of water treatment experience in Glenwood, IA, our team of well water treatment experts is ready to solve any problem or drinking water issue you may have.

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Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) installation,d POU Coolers and Drinking Water Solutions in Glenwood, IA

EcoWater Systems of Nebraska has the known-how and technology to remove all contaminants from  Glenwood, IA well water.  Using the EcoWater’s Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) system, which provides, under counter, high-quality water for drinking and cooking applications, you can expect drinking water totally free of any chemical mineral or biological trace contaminants.

For larger home applications, or light commercial needs, BottleLESS water coolers or POUs or POINT OF USE COOLERS, will give you virtually unlimited, pristine, healthy “bottle quality” drinking water without the hassle of lifting and storing those bulky jugs. These mini “water treatment plants” are not only affordable, but could represent a significant savings over what you are spending now for your store bought bottled water.

Problem Water Specialists for Glenwood, IA businesses

Glenwood, IA rural well water can be hard on any business’ bottom line.  In fact, hard water mineral deposits build up in plumbing and commercial equipment, restricting flow as well as reducing heat transfer in water heaters.  These water hardness issues eventually mean higher costs, making your business less profitable.  Additionally, labor for maintenance, as well as early replacement of plumbing fixtures and repairs, combined with higher energy expenses are all typically associated with hard and untreated water.

EcoWater Systems of Nebraska had the knowhow to determine what areas of your business can be run more efficiently, by improving the quality of your water, ultimately saving you dollars.  EcoWater Systems of Nebraska is the specialist in the greater Glenwood, IA area for your commercial water treatment needs. Our professionals are always available to help you find the right solution for your business with extremely cost-effective products and engineering.

Multi-media Water Filtration and Water Softening Replacement and Repair in Glenwood, IA

Considered among the best in the state, EcoWater Systems of Nebraska factory authorized service facilities, offer emergency repair services for most water filtration systems and water softeners including WaterBoss, Lindsay, EcoWater Systems, Sears, Whirlpool, Culligan, Rainy, Rayne Water, Rainsoft, Water Right, Addie, Autotrol, Benson, Clack, Hellenbrand, Kinetico, Lakeland,  Fleck, Microline, Soft Water and Water Care.

EcoWater Systems of Nebraska and Glenwood, IA

Glenwood, named after Presbyterian minister, Glenn Wood, is in Mills County, Iowa. Located in the Loess Hills, on the east side of the Missouri River, this small rural community with strong ties to the Omaha metropolitan area has a population of 5,269.

Established by Mormons in 1848 as Coonsville, it flourished during the California Gold Rush and was renamed Glenwood after most of Mormons left for Utah in 1852.

During the late 19th century, the community was widely known as Iowa’s center of fruit production, particularly apples, and it hosted an annual Apple Carnival. Early industries included an iron foundry, a large marble and stone works, a Creamery, and a large cannery that covered a city block on the east side of Locust Street. It distributed its products under the brand name “The Glenwood.”

After World War II, Glenwood became a meatpacking center and during the early 1950s, it had one of America’s largest kosher packinghouses, with most of its product destined for the East Coast. The packinghouse was later modified to process both cattle and pork and was bought by Swift & Company which eventually closed it in the 1980s. Trajet, a whirlpool manufacturer, now occupies the former slaughterhouse.

Sharp Street on the Glenwood Courthouse Square during the 2007 Homecoming parade.
By Iowaryan (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Call EcoWater Systems of Nebraska at 1-888-ECOWATER (326-9283) for hard water, iron | rusty water, high TDS and Sulfur (rotten egg smell) treatment solutions, as well as any multi-media water filtration services in Glenwood, IA or click here to contact us for immediate service.