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EcoWater Systems of Nebraska, Fixing Papillion, NE Water Problems for more than fifty years.

NicMar Water and York Springs PA a common history built on hard water...

For over a half a century, LINDSAY SOFT WATER CO OF NEBRASKA has been solving Papillion, Nebraska’s most challenging hard water, high TDS and chlorine taste / odor issues for its municipal water customers as well as treating hard water, and high TDS, problems for its rural well water clients.

Widely considered Nebraska’s premier water treatment specialist and the foremost expert in Papillion, NE water for both residential and commercial applications, what began has a modest Lindsay Soft Water dealership in Fremont, NE more than five decades ago, today comprises 5 locations around Nebraska and Iowa.

Treating Hard Water, High TDS and Chlorine Odor and Taste in Papillion, NE

The water source for the City of Papillion is ground water. Papillion’s residents get their supply from the town’s own ground water wells located along the Platte River.   There are in fact 11 wells drilled into the Platte River Alluvial Aquifer that range in depth from 68 feet to 110 feet.

The City of Papillion has its own Public Works Water Department which pumps in excess of 1,290,000,000 gallons of water per year. Despite extensive municipal treatment, much of the water coming out of the tap in Papillion, NE is not only hard (25 grains,) but high in TDS and chlorine levels with the accompanying chlorine taste and odor resulting from the required protocols needed to make the water potable.

EcoWater Systems of Nebraska has consistently demonstrated a level of unsurpassed expertise in resolving all municipal water problems caused by hardness, TDS and chlorine odor, taste and sediment, as well as the know-how to abate chloramines (resulting from ammonia being added to stabilize chlorine) found in many municipally treated water supplies. 

Treating Hard Water and High TDS in Papillion, NE Rural well water

EcoWater Systems of Nebraska’s expertise extends well beyond municipal water treatment however.  In fact a good deal of Papillion’s area residents live in the outer rural vicinities where the water supply is derived from private wells.  EcoWater Systems of Nebraska has been providing best-in-class water filtration systems specifically designed to address the challenging 25 grains plus hardness associated with local well water and the high TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), commonly found in the greater Papillion area.

Why Should High TDS in Papillion, NE matter to me?

What are TDS anyway?  Total dissolved solids or TDS is a measure of the combined content of all inorganic and organic substances contained in a liquid in molecular, ionized or micro-granular suspended form. Primary sources for TDS are agricultural and residential runoff, leaching of soil contamination and discharge from industrial or sewage treatment plants.  The most common chemical constituents are calcium, phosphates and nitrates, sodium, potassium and chloride, which are all found in nutrient runoff, general storm/rain runoff and runoff in snowy climates where road de-icing salts are applied, all quite common in Nebraska. More exotic and harmful elements of TDS are pesticides arising from surface ground runoff in agricultural areas. Certain naturally occurring total dissolved solids arise from the weathering and dissolution of rocks and soils. Bottom line, the less TDS, the better.

Eliminating Hard Water and High TDS levels in Papillion, NE

Problem water is nothing new to EcoWater Systems of Nebraska and for more than half a century it has had a track record of successfully solving virtually all problem water issues associated with municipal and well water in Papillion, NE. Offering best-in-class water filtration systems to resolve the toughest water problems native to Papillion OmahaCouncil Bluffs IA, Glenwood IA, Bellevue, and Gretna, EcoWater Systems of Nebraska has the expertise to resolve all hard water problems caused by high calcium and magnesium deposits such as limestone, chalk and dolomite as well as high TDS levels and unpalatable water from municipal chlorination.

Call EcoWater Systems of Nebraska at 1-888-ECOWATER (326-9283) for immediate assistance with your residential or commercial water filtration system, or drinking water needs in Papillion NE, OmahaCouncil Bluffs IA, Glenwood IA, Bellevue, and Gretna NE or click here for water delivery service.

Why Soften Water in Papillion, NE?

If you are living in the greater Papillion area and have ever experienced it at a neighbor’s home, you already know that with softened water you get:

  • Cleaner, softer clothes and laundry
  • Better lathering and More luxurious, foaming baths
  • Extended life as well as energy efficiency of water-using appliances
  • Extended life of pipes, plumbing, faucets and fixtures
  • Spot-free glasses and silverware.
  • The elimination of harsh cleaning products to manage hard water.
  • Less soap, detergents and cleaning products usage

EcoWater Nebraska’s line of Water Treatment products include Softeners | Conditioners for:

  • Elimination of stains in sinks, tubs, showers, and clothing
  • Elimination of build-up on glassware
  • Elimination of scale build up in your pipes and appliances
  • Elimination of soap scum in showers and tub

If you are looking for a Water treatment expert in Papillion, NE specialized in water softeners | conditioners, call EcoWater Nebraska to solve your most challenging hard water treatment problems.

EcoWater Systems of Nebraska, removing Chlorine Odor and Taste from Papillion, NE water

Although Papillion’s municipally treated water is designed to be safe for human consumption, the anti-bacteriological chemical treatment employed to make it potable does not make it taste all that wonderful.  Chlorine, the principal chemical agent used to kill bacteria in water, although extremely effective, leaves that familiar aftertaste and odor.

As one of the oldest and most established names in water filtration and water treatment in the greater Omaha area, EcoWater Systems of Nebraska specializes not only in HARD water softening protocols and TDS problems, typically found in well water, but also in municipal water de-chlorination issues.  EcoWater Systems of Nebraska has been installing best-in-class water filtration and de-chlorination systems in Papillion, NE since the mid 1960’s, dealing with a wide range of water challenges native to the Papillion area, specifically chlorine odor and taste.

EcoWater Nebraska has the known-how and technology to remove Chlorine and Chloramines completely from your drinking water using the EcoWater Systems Reverse Osmosis drinking water system which provides, under counter, high-quality water for drinking and cooking applications, totally free of any chemical trace contaminants like chlorine or sediment, nitrates, lead, cysts and other pollutants.

For larger home water consumption, or light commercial and business applications, POUs or POINT OF USE COOLERS, also known as BottleLESS water coolers, provide virtually unlimited, pristine, healthy “bottle quality” drinking water without the hassle of lifting heavy jugs. These minature “water treatment factories” are cheaper than you think and could save you money over what you are spending now for your store bought bottled water for your home or business.

EcoWater Systems of Nebraska’s other technology of choice for the elimination of chlorine odor and taste is the EcoWater WATER REFINING SYSTEM® which combines the benefits of water conditioning and carbon filtration. Designed specifically for municipal water applications, it not only cleans, softens and filters, but SPECIFICALLY reduces chlorine taste and odor, characteristic of Papillion, NE water.

Final Barrier, Drinking Water Solutions, Filtration and Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) installation in Papillion, NE.

The City of Papillion Public Works Water Department pumps in excess of 1,294,756,000 gallons of water per year, with an average daily consumption of 3,387,047 gallons, which is roughly equivalent to a monthly usage rate of 103,022,667 gallons, and a maximum daily use of 9,176,000 gallons, all to illustrate that the volume of water is quite significant even for a town of only 22,000.  In other words FINAL BARRIER protection for homes and businesses alike ultimately falls on the consumer and that is what EcoWater Systems of Nebraska offers and specializes in.

According to the City of Papillion’s Public Works Water Department, Contaminants that may be present in Papillion source water include:

  • Microbial contaminants, i.e. viruses and bacteria, from sewage treatment plants, septic systems, agricultural livestock operations and wildlife.
  • Inorganic contaminants, like salts and metals, which can be naturally occurring or from urban storm water runoff, industrial / domestic wastewater discharges and oil and gas production, mining, or farming.
  • Pesticides and herbicides, from a variety of sources such as agriculture, urban storm water runoff, and home uses.
    Organic chemical contaminants, e.g. synthetic and VOCs (volatile organic chemicals,) all by‐products of industrial processes, petroleum production, gas stations, urban storm water runoff, and septic systems.
  • Radioactive contaminants, both naturally‐occurring and the result of oil and gas production and mining activities.

Point being even though great effort is made by municipalities, including Papillion’s, to filter and treat water and make it safe, by their own admission it is possible that trace contamination may be present in the water supply at some levels.

With an unmatched track record of not only softening hard water, caused by calcium and magnesium mineral content deposits or resolving high TDS and chlorine issues, EcoWater Nebraska has been offering best-in-class water filtration solutions for a broad range of demanding water problems found in Papillion, NE.

A Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Drinking System in your home or business is referred to as a FINAL BARRIER system because it is your FINAL form of protection from the impurities in your water supply. RO systems can be easily integrated under your kitchen sink or can be installed as larger systems for your whole home or business, allowing you to enjoy virtually contaminant-free water. If you wish to retain the natural minerals found in water you can alternatively opt for the EPS 1000 which, while removing all pathogens, will retain the natural minerals important to health.

At EcoWater Nebraska we install the best under sink Reverse Osmosis system you can buy in the United States, The EcoWater HERO 375 and ERO 175 by EcoWater Systems the world leader in residential water treatment technology and a Berkshire Hathaway Company. 

In addition to installing new Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water systems we also replace existing systems that no longer perform to factory specs. If you are trying to decide between repairing or replacing your system in Papillion, NE we can help you determine the most cost–effective solution with an honest assessment. Call us and find out.

Multi-media Water Filtration Replacement and Repair in Papillion, NE

Considered among the best in Nebraska and Iowa, EcoWater Systems of Nebraska factory authorized service and repair facilities, offer emergency repair services for numerous water filtration systems in the greater Papillion, NE area.

Problem Water Specialists for more than your home… Water PROS for your business in Papillion, NE as well. 

Papillion’s untreated water can be hard on your business’ bottom line as well.  In fact, hard water minerals build up in your equipment and plumbing, restricting flow as well as reducing heat transfer in water heaters.  These water hardness issues translate to higher costs, making your business less profitable.  Additionally, labor for maintenance, as well as early replacement of plumbing fixtures and repairs plus higher energy expenses are often typically associated with hard and untreated water.

EcoWater Systems of Nebraska is unsurpassed in determining what areas of your business can be run more efficiently by improving the quality of your water, ultimately saving you real dollars.  Whether it is full System Engineering or simply Chlorine Removal, EcoWater Systems of Nebraska is the specialist in the greater Papillion, NE area for your commercial water treatment needs. Our professionals are always available to help find the right solution for your home or business with extremely cost-effective products and engineering.

Contact EcoWater Systems of Nebraska today to help resolve your most challenging water issues as well as ordering delivery of commercial and residential bottled drinking water in Papillion, NE, Omaha, Glenwood IA, Bellevue, and Gretna.  We can also assist you with your point of use (POU) R.O cooler needs.  With over 50 years of water treatment experience in the Papillion, NE area, our team of water treatment professionals is ready to solve any problem or drinking water issue you may have.

Water Filtration and Water Softening Repair in Papillion, NE

EcoWater Nebraska’s factory authorized service center is a premier repair facility. It offers services for emergency repair for numerous water filtration systems and water softeners including EcoWater Systems, Lindsay, Sears, WaterBoss, Whirlpool, Rainy, Water Right, Addie, Autotrol, Culligan, Benson, Clack, Hellenbrand, Kinetico, Rayne Water, Rainsoft, Lakeland,  Fleck, Microline, Soft Water and Water Care.

Contact EcoWater Nebraska today to help resolve your most challenging water issues as well as ordering delivery of commercial and residential drinking water in Papillion NE, Council Bluffs IA, Omaha, Glenwood, IA, Bellevue, and Gretna NE. We can also assist you with your point of use (POU) R.O cooler needs.  With over half a century of water treatment experience, our team of water professionals will be ready to solve any problem or drinking water issue your home or business may have.

EcoWater Nebraska and Papillion, NE

An 1870s railroad town that is part of the larger five-county metro area of neighboring Omaha, Papillion is a city of roughly 22,000 and the county seat of Sarpy County in the State of Nebraska.  Named after the creek, which flows through its center, the name Papillion comes from the French butterfly.  According to local lore, the early French explorers who colonized the area, named the creek Papillion because many butterflies were found along its grassy banks.Papillion was platted in 1870 when the railroad was extended to that point.Papillion (sometimes referred to as “Papio” by its residents) is one of the last of the late-18th-Century Paris-inspired frontier cities left in the Midwest. EcoWater Nebraska is one of the largest water treatment specialist in the region with an unmatched track record of resolving all well water and municipal water problems in the greater Papillion, NE area and is a major provider of bottled water and POC or POU (Point of Use Coolers) in Nebraska and Iowa.

Papillion’s Municipal Building, formerly the Sarpy County Courthouse, on Third Street.
By Atomic Energy505 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Call EcoWater Systems of Nebraska at 1-888-ECOWATER (326-9283) for immediate assistance with your residential or commercial water filtration system, or drinking water needs in Papillion NE, OmahaCouncil Bluffs IA, Glenwood IA, Bellevue, and Gretna NE or click here for water delivery service.